07 November 2012

Let the Skyfall...


I thought I'd start adding the "personal touch" to the blog. I was in Scotland the other day visiting my boyfriend. He lives in London but he's from Scotland and he visits home a good bit. This was my second trip to the place. If any of you have seen the 007 film, Skyfall, you would have noticed that they ended up in Scotland towards the end of the film. Of course Skyfall is a fictitious place but we nicknamed Glencoe the area where Skyfall was filmed as simply "Skyfall" (because I couldn't remember Glencoe at the time!)

.....So here's some of Ross's photo's of me at "Skyfall".

Photo's taken by Ross
Taken by Ross

Taken by Ross
The area was beautiful, but quite icy. I did have gloves on and hat with me (but left it in the car).

Here's Daniel Craig as 007 at "Skyfall" (Glencoe)

Photo from bbc.co.uk

An Autumn nail at Skyfall - land

Want to see what I wore for nail polish on my trip?
OPI in "A-Taupe the Space Needle" and Next reactive polish in "Gold Reactive"

At first I thought the taupe colour wasn't the greatest. I got this in a set last year for Christmas from my friend Clare and never got around to wearing it. I wasn't an instant fan of the colour. I still have it on first applied Friday night (when these photo's were taken and I type this up the polish remains so it has good staying power. Although I did apply quite a thick coat of clear polish over the top to make sure they last! The gold polish has a matte finish and the clear polish created a lovely shiny finish...I literally took this on my phone so this isn't going to be good quality. (apologies)

Can you tell I push my cuticles a lot?
Yes, that photo is actually terrible, but I just wanted to show you the polish shiny :)

Thanks for stopping by :)
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