22 November 2012

I thought I seen you there earlier..

A little while ago I won a competition on beaut.ie. The prize was to win No7 goodies and get a consultation and get a foundation that suited my skin tone using their little gadget!

Emma from Ol' Green Eyes commented on "my readers have the power" post requesting a review on some of the products.

The first product I'm going to review from the post is the eye shadow quad.

Let's first talk about the packaging. I love it! It's sleek, shiny and just pretty! It looks expensive and the mirror inside is a generous size - great for applying the eye shadow and getting a good look at your face at the same time.

The eyeshadow quad contains 4 shades. A frosty pale pink, a slightly greyish green, a purple toned grey and a deep purple toned mocha colour.

Top two shades swatched, no primer

Bottom two shades swatched, no primer

The quad comes with a sponge tip applicator....oh why such a rubbish thing? I'll never use it!

I've tried using the little palette a number of times. The first time I was in a rush and used concealer (collection 2000 to be precise) as the base. The second time I used Urban Decay Primer Potion. Finally I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Each time I wore the shadows, the eye shadow creased and or wore away. I've used Primer potion and Shadow Insurance for ages and I've never had creasing problems before so it can't be the primers. This is actually unreal the creasing - I've never seen anything like this before. 

The darker colours in this palette are quite pigmented but the shadows don't easily blend. I felt it took a lot of effort to create a wearable look. The shades if your not careful can just look dirty on the lid if not blended out. The shadows are difficult to work with and are complete disappointment! The light pale pink shadow I've used on it's own with a simple gel liner. You can't notice the creasing when you wear this shadow on it's own, but my fair skin definitely shows up the darker colours at the slightest movement. The palest colour has also broken up and scattered all over the palette and I can just tell the more I use it the less like their original form, especially looking the darker matte shadow as the chunks of glitter will appear to make their way across the palette!

For me looks are deceiving. The packaging looks like you are about to use a good quality product but in reality the quality inside doesn't match. I've very disappointed in this product...

Have you tried any No7 shadows before? What did you think?

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