30 November 2012

How to: Big bright & beautiful eyes

There's some products I absolutely love to use. Not together as they pretty much do the same job. They instantly waken you your eyes, make them bigger and in my opinon freshen up your look. These pencils can also be used as bases.

What are they?

White or pale eyeliners.

I love to use these on my water line to brighten up my eyes. You can use this product on the inner corner of their eyes and under the brow, add a little light toned eye shadow to set and your done.

If you've looked at a few of my looks of the day you might have noticed I like to wear a lighter eye liner on my water line - infact I'm a huge fan of it! You can use skin toned eyeliner that has the same effect, but I personally like the more noticeable colours as I think they last longer on the water line.

I won't skim on this milk..
The pale pink of benefit's eye bright is good for those days then your not as tired. MAC's fascinating or NYX jumbo eye pencil in "Milk" is great when you are feeling worn out tired and you might have slightly puffy eyes. I've gone through 2 pencils already and nearly half way through another one of my benefit eye bright. From time to time also use rimmel soft kohl in "white".

(I know creative name for the shade)

The rimmel doesn't have great staying power but it does the job. Bring the pencil out with you for a little touch up every now and again.

Do you use white pencils on your water line?

If you do what ones do you use?

Thanks for stopping by :)

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