01 November 2012

Hair care essential...

Hello :)

Do you own...

Well when I say hair tool....
I mean a shower comb! Do you guys have one?

If you don't .....WHY NOT?
Since I started dying my hair blonde in 2009 I instantly noticed how the texture of the hair changed. My hair was now dry and I got tangles much easier. Along with intensive conditioners and hair masks I bought a shower comb. The one I own is identical to the one in the above picture (except mine is a darker blue!)

It's great for

  1. Distributing conditioner evenly.
  2. Detangling your hair easily.
  3. Quicker than your average comb.

I purchased mine a good while ago in Boots and it wasn't expensive at all! (Dirt cheap if you will!) I find using this comb much easier than a smaller comb...It easily slips through your locks after a few strokes. When I first get out of the shower after applying some oil I start at the ends of my hair and work my way up the hair combing downwards
(I know you are like DUH! - but explaining this to my friend one time she was like...."eh back combing?!" )

Have you a secret weapon hair tool? Do you use a shower comb?

Thanks for stopping by :)
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