09 November 2012

Guest Post By: Ann Marie

Hi guys!! My friend Ann Marie did a guest post for me! Yes, she has a blog but it's not really beauty related as it's more musings.When we do see each other have a little gossip about cometics every now and again! Yes, some praising and some not so amazing gossip sessions on beauty products from hair to nail polish!

You can visit her blog here.

She's reviewing Mane N' Tail

Mane – tain your hair

Image from
Mane N' Tail.com 

I stared into my dried, frazzled and over processed coloured hair with dismay. I wonder if this apparent ‘miraculous’ shampoo and conditioner can really save my withering locks? Or is it another no.1 product of the month that will very quickly become no. Forgotten when the next hair line explodes due to the media’s manipulative marketing prowess. If you haven’t heard of Mane ‘N Tail you’ve probably been hiding under a rock for the 6 months because this product has exploded onto our local pharmacy and supermarket shelves. Mane ‘N Tail shot to worldwide fame following endorsements by celebrities such as Sarah Jessica parker and Ellen De Generes who have all touted its regenerative abilities.

Image from
Mane N' Tail.com

Word on the street is that this product can restore limp and lifeless locks to long lustres fuller tresses in just one wash. In fact it is so good they’ve got a whole product line now using their patented micro enriched protein formula. I like to call it from top to tail lol... I have to say I was very sceptical as let’s face it we’ve heard it all before right? Well except for the strange horsey past that is! So it was with great suspicion that I lathered up. Suddenly my head started to tingle and grow warm...
(nah not really ...gotcha!!) but it did feel damned good and when I had finished drying and styling it, well it looked damn good too in fact it looked sensational! I felt like I had just had some sort of expensive volumising treatment done at a salon. My hair had this sort of fullness and shine that one can only get from really healthy and thick unprocessed hair.

The following day I had more than a few compliments in work. There was even a few from the men who wouldn’t usually notice if I’d died my hair blue!! I have to say I will be using this product again... ok and again after that! In fact I think I’m going to try out their leave in conditioner and hand cream. Who knows I might even grow a tail...

Thanks for reading

Luv and Cuddles, Ann Marie xx

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