03 November 2012

Be....in the moment

A while ago my friend got me this for my birthday..

These are the first photo's of the palette.

Smudge stick in the shade Tetra.

Instinct is an amazing colour! I love to use this on the inner corners of my eye to brighten them up is a shimmery with a pink undertone. Desire is a creamy mid tone, excellent matte brow highlight,  when you swatch it you can barely see it as it blends nicely into my skin tone. Although I am quite pale!

Impulse is a gorgeous lavendar with gorgeous shimmer. You can create a really fun look with this. Wonder, I love this colour on it's own! If you don't have time to do a more detailed eye this is just perfect for a bit of shimmer with dimension.

Glance is a super strong pigmented purple with shimmer. Sometimes I like to use this in a purple tone smokey eye. Spontaneous is a gorgeous mid tone gold with shimmer.

Whim is great for creating a more "medium smokey eye". It's all about how much you apply on the brush and how much you put on. Improvise is a lovely deep purple with slight sparkles in it.

Catalyst and Captivate are both great eye shadows that I love to use for using on my lash line for a subtle look. Catalyst looks quite black here but has mini purplely/ pinky sparkles that are hardly noticeable. Captivate really complimenting to my hazel eye colour and I feel my eyes look really intense.

This is seriously a beautiful palette. You can do a simple look or a fantastic smokey eye. The shadows are so soft and pgimented (a light sweep is just enough for these shadows!)

Smudge stick in tetra

The pencil is lovely and very easy to work with. I find that this product smudges easily when first applied, the more you leave it the more difficult it is to do so. The colour is a dark purple with wee glitterly bits....like you have a squint your eyes to notice. I've never used this as a base for shadows but I'm sure the look would be only gorgeous!

This palette is one for those a fan of slightly shimmerly looks. NOT GLITTERY. Glitter can be one thing that many people are afraid of. I remember getting the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette (first one I ever got) and I felt the glitter was slightly chunky in that in one or two colours.

What do you guys think? I love creating looks with this. It's a palette for me the colours are perfect to create the looks I love.

Thanks for stopping by :)
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