17 November 2012

7 tips for growing your hair

Hair has grown at least a healthy 3 inches in the last year.
Of course trimming on the way but WOAH one year later!
It seems like I've been trying to grow my hair forever. I try to take care of my hair by not using too many heated products, using hair masks, using oils, heat protectors whenever I do use a heated tool. It's funny when you look at photo's from a year previous and think to yourself. WOAH my hair has actually grown!

So what are my tips for growing hair?
  1. LOOK AFTER THE ENDS. If you look after the ends of your hair, your hair dresser won't get too scissor happy with the ends. It doesn't matter what you say if the ends are bad the hair dresser is most likely going to chop them off!
  2. USE A HEAT PROTECTION. If you use a hair dryer, use one. If you use straighteners, use one. If you use a curling wand, use one. If you use a babyliss big hair, use one. Get it yet? But of course use it once not for each thing.....the amount of product build up!!
  3. USE A WIDE TOOTH COMB. Just out of shower and can't get rid of the knots? Don't break your hair use a wide tooth comb (or a shower comb). It will make it soo much easier!
  4. TREAT YOUR HAIR. Use hair masks or heated oils. Pamper your locks!
  5. EAT WELL. If you eat good it shows on your hair and skin. Protein, Iron and Zinc are only amazing for helping your hair grow quick. Click here for some foody tips!
  6. DON'T WASH YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY. If you are washing your hair everyday....well then you are going in and using hair driers and other heated tools and over working your hair. Use a dry shampoo in between washes!
  7. BE PATIENT. It takes the average persons hair to grow half an inch a month. Of course this will vary depending on diet, type of hair etc. Don't get fed up with it if it's in an in between stage, keep going with it!
These are just some of the things that have worked for me and my hair type.

Here's my hair-spiration:
I'm having serious hair envy right now
Thanks for stopping by :)
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