16 November 2012

# 24 Stay at the G

If any of you have read my Challenge it's basically 101 goals in 1001 days :)
The corridors of the hotel are quite dark and we actually
went around in a circle before we eventually found our room.
We missed the sign for our room.

You'll have read number 24 is to stay at the G hotel. Well it was my boyfriends birthday in October and we stayed in The G Hotel. Upon arrival into the hotel we were greeted by friendly hotel reception who offered for our bags to be taken up to our room. Ross and I  declined as we didn't want to bother with anyone doing something that was easy enough for us to do ourselves. We were given our room keys signed the usual hotel stuff "Would you like a complimentary Irish Independant?" the receptionist polietly asked and "Yes" had fallen out of my mouth before I could think. We entered the mirrored lifts to our floor.

We stayed in one of the superior rooms our one was 235. The room was immaculate as you walk in, spacious and clean. The bath room was modern and sleek. A massive mirror with two deep sinks (one for him and one for me!). We had a very comfortable bed. It was quite low down but very comfy. We got dressing gowns and complimentary slippers - oh I've very much a slipper kind of gal!

So here's some photo's of the room...

The bathroom had speakers in it so you could here what was going on, on the telly!

Oh and did I forget to mention...cupcakes in the room...


...Ahem, Ross ate one too.

We went out into Galway town that night. We ate and drank out then return to have one more drink in the bar. It was being charged to the room. 1 pint of Guinness (even though I asked for a Smithwicks) and a cosmo was €17! Eh, expensive right? Also did we want to tip? Ross tipped €5......so €23 for 2 drinks? Off to bed. Arriving into the room the telly was on and the bed was turned down. The next day I wanted to have a look at maybe trying out a spa treatment but because we were only there for 1 more night and we wanted to see a bit more of Galway I decided to go see Galway.

We had a great day. Walked up to Salt Hill and went to one of those cheesey amusement centres where you basically throw away money on games. But we had fun!

Out for dinner again that night. We went to a bar across from the Hotel - The Huntsman Inn. I had the fish and chips, Ross had the roasted pork belly. It was delish :)

Neither mornings we got breakfast at the hotel, we had a lie on and missed it the first morning and then the second morning we were packing to check out so we didn't have time.

I hope to stay here again but this time get a treament. I looked up the treatments - they are a bit pricey but I  guess a girl can spoil herself every now and again. Here's a link to the brochure.

Great hotel, expensive but lovely. I will be back (next time for longer!) - let me win the lotto first!
Have you stayed at the G Hotel?

Thanks for stopping by :)
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