30 November 2012

How to: Big bright & beautiful eyes

There's some products I absolutely love to use. Not together as they pretty much do the same job. They instantly waken you your eyes, make them bigger and in my opinon freshen up your look. These pencils can also be used as bases.

What are they?

White or pale eyeliners.

I love to use these on my water line to brighten up my eyes. You can use this product on the inner corner of their eyes and under the brow, add a little light toned eye shadow to set and your done.

If you've looked at a few of my looks of the day you might have noticed I like to wear a lighter eye liner on my water line - infact I'm a huge fan of it! You can use skin toned eyeliner that has the same effect, but I personally like the more noticeable colours as I think they last longer on the water line.

I won't skim on this milk..
The pale pink of benefit's eye bright is good for those days then your not as tired. MAC's fascinating or NYX jumbo eye pencil in "Milk" is great when you are feeling worn out tired and you might have slightly puffy eyes. I've gone through 2 pencils already and nearly half way through another one of my benefit eye bright. From time to time also use rimmel soft kohl in "white".

(I know creative name for the shade)

The rimmel doesn't have great staying power but it does the job. Bring the pencil out with you for a little touch up every now and again.

Do you use white pencils on your water line?

If you do what ones do you use?

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28 November 2012

Review: Rimmel - Wake Me Up Concealer

Rimmel brought out a new range of foundations, "Wake me up". I bought the concealer.

The last concealer I purchased from Rimmel (back in 2007-2008) was the Rimmel Recover concealer....and it was rubbish. I've also tried hide the blemish concealer when I was about 14...when I didn't really understand what to do with it as I had much better skin than I do now!So I was a little apprensive in trying this concealer out.

I swatched it in Boots. Creamy, smooth coverage seems pretty good....hmm...yes I think I will try this one out. Shade: 010 Ivory.
I've been using this concealer for a good while now....and...I LOVE IT.

It's an amazing concealer for under eyes and general skin imprefections. It's creamy and easy to blend. It states on the tube, that the concealer is a full converage concealer - this I wouldn't 100% aggree with. Yes, good coverage but I think a slightly thicker consistantly would offer more coverage. How does it last? Well Under eye area  no problem at all. Spots / imprefections well my test run's inculde working 12 hour shifts and well I think it does a really good job of concealment. It brightens the area and helps to give me a more waked up appearance.

Great concealer, quite comparable to Collection 2000...or "collection" as I believe the name is now. Collection however has slightly better coverage!

Amazing concealer for an amazing price.....d'ya think I remember? Feck no! I'm like a gold fish! So I've looked up online how much this costs. Apparently Boots is getting a high volume of traffic and Rimmel's website doesn't mention RRP of their products! So I wake me up on ASOS.com and their price was €7.63 now €5.33. But hey, your local pharmacy might be a few yoyo's more or less!

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24 November 2012

Show me your angle on REAL TECHNIQUE(s)

Yes, more Real Techniques brushes but since I loved the contour brush and the buffering brush from the core collection I decided to go and buy some more brushes from the range.

I've bought the blush brush, the angled foundation brush and the powder brush. (Yes, at the time there was an offer, 3 for 2 in boots) - like my mother I love a bargain. "Sure it was only..."

So let's have a little look at one of the brushes - the angled foundation brush.

Since I wasn't impressed with the pointed angled foundation brush mainly because of the size I had better hopes for the angled foundation brush -which is a lot bigger. Like the core collection is has light goldish colour aluminum ferrules with the base being black. The base is much wider and it has a flat bottom to help the brush stand on it's own. The hairs on the brush, like the rest are taklon bristles. Yes, animal friendly! (wahoo!)

So how does it apply the foundation? It does a good job! It's all down to the bristles. It doesn't absorb the foundation like previous brushes I've had. Washing it I noticed it doesn't shed (a couple of washes that is!). The make up is applied quickly and you are left with a great finish. I've used this brush on a couple of foundations and I've been happy with the results every time. My skin looks great and although I love the buffering brush, this is one of the best "paddle" like brushes I've used in ages!

Have you tried the real techniques by Samantha Chapman?
The angled brush or any other brushes? What did you think?

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23 November 2012

Review: Estee Lauder: Night Repair

For the few months I've made an important addition to my night time routine. A night serum. I was a huge fan of Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase and of course as a beauty blogger I like to try out new products. In March I was out shopping and not planning on buying this product I found myself at the Estee Lander counter in Debenhams and it wasn't until my friend mentioned it and the sales assistant started showing me this little brown pot of wonder.

Consider the product sold to me in less than 30 seconds!

Of course you can use it at night time (hence the name - night repair) just after cleansing, before your night cream.You can use this also in with your foundation for an added glow The sales assistant demonstated this to me and it looked great. I recently mixed two drops into some hand cream (L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream to be precise) and rubbed it together and rubbed it on my hands just before I went to sleep and my hands felt amazing after! So soft and it just like new skin on my hands. The assistant at the counter also showed that this is quickly aborbed into the skin helping it maintain it's moisture so it doesn't dry out during the night. You of course follow with your night cream. My current choice is by No7.

No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream | Normal / Dry
I've gone through a 30mls container and I 've started on my 125mls (travel exclusive size) and I'm nearly half way through the bottle. I've kept my 30mls bottle for when I'm just travelling with hand luggage only and I'm away for two nights and top it up as required. This product is used every night as part of my routine. Because I have dry skin I really want to look after it. Dry skin ages faster than oily skin, therefore I want to keep my skin lush! Prevention is better than cure!

This serum is designed for all skin types and tones - so no one misses out! 

I would really recommend to anyone to use a serum. The difference in your skin is amazing, if you are going  to buy this product I would recommend trying out the smaller size and if you love it and know someone  that's flying somewhere to buy the bigger size of the bottle for you. Remember Dublin Airport's The Loop does a shop and collect service. Plenty of other airports do this service as well like Heathrow Airport.
"If you are travelling within the UK or EU you can use our free Shop & Collect service to buy when you depart - then pick up purchases when you return. Just tell staff in store when you make your purchase and they will arrange to have everything waiting for you at a convenient collection point in arrivals. No more lugging everything along on your travels." - Heathrow Airport Shop & Collect service

I bought my travel sizer 125mls in London Gatwick Airport for £66! In Dublin Airport is is just less that €96! We the exchange rate you can save a bit - so shop around! Christmas is coming up so keep an eye out!

Do you use a serum? Have you ever tried Estee Lauders Advanced Night Repair?

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22 November 2012

Black Friday at The Body Shop

Here in Ireland we don't celebrate thanksgiving (of course it's an American thing!)

...but there is one thing I am thankful for ...

Yes, tomorrow on Friday the 23rd of November you can get 30% off in the body shop!!

Need some inspiration on what to buy? I think I've an idea what I want to look at when I'm in town tomorrow!

What are you buying for your loved ones for Christmas??

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I thought I seen you there earlier..

A little while ago I won a competition on beaut.ie. The prize was to win No7 goodies and get a consultation and get a foundation that suited my skin tone using their little gadget!

Emma from Ol' Green Eyes commented on "my readers have the power" post requesting a review on some of the products.

The first product I'm going to review from the post is the eye shadow quad.

Let's first talk about the packaging. I love it! It's sleek, shiny and just pretty! It looks expensive and the mirror inside is a generous size - great for applying the eye shadow and getting a good look at your face at the same time.

The eyeshadow quad contains 4 shades. A frosty pale pink, a slightly greyish green, a purple toned grey and a deep purple toned mocha colour.

Top two shades swatched, no primer

Bottom two shades swatched, no primer

The quad comes with a sponge tip applicator....oh why such a rubbish thing? I'll never use it!

I've tried using the little palette a number of times. The first time I was in a rush and used concealer (collection 2000 to be precise) as the base. The second time I used Urban Decay Primer Potion. Finally I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Each time I wore the shadows, the eye shadow creased and or wore away. I've used Primer potion and Shadow Insurance for ages and I've never had creasing problems before so it can't be the primers. This is actually unreal the creasing - I've never seen anything like this before. 

The darker colours in this palette are quite pigmented but the shadows don't easily blend. I felt it took a lot of effort to create a wearable look. The shades if your not careful can just look dirty on the lid if not blended out. The shadows are difficult to work with and are complete disappointment! The light pale pink shadow I've used on it's own with a simple gel liner. You can't notice the creasing when you wear this shadow on it's own, but my fair skin definitely shows up the darker colours at the slightest movement. The palest colour has also broken up and scattered all over the palette and I can just tell the more I use it the less like their original form, especially looking the darker matte shadow as the chunks of glitter will appear to make their way across the palette!

For me looks are deceiving. The packaging looks like you are about to use a good quality product but in reality the quality inside doesn't match. I've very disappointed in this product...

Have you tried any No7 shadows before? What did you think?

Thanks for stopping by :)

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17 November 2012

7 tips for growing your hair

Hair has grown at least a healthy 3 inches in the last year.
Of course trimming on the way but WOAH one year later!
It seems like I've been trying to grow my hair forever. I try to take care of my hair by not using too many heated products, using hair masks, using oils, heat protectors whenever I do use a heated tool. It's funny when you look at photo's from a year previous and think to yourself. WOAH my hair has actually grown!

So what are my tips for growing hair?
  1. LOOK AFTER THE ENDS. If you look after the ends of your hair, your hair dresser won't get too scissor happy with the ends. It doesn't matter what you say if the ends are bad the hair dresser is most likely going to chop them off!
  2. USE A HEAT PROTECTION. If you use a hair dryer, use one. If you use straighteners, use one. If you use a curling wand, use one. If you use a babyliss big hair, use one. Get it yet? But of course use it once not for each thing.....the amount of product build up!!
  3. USE A WIDE TOOTH COMB. Just out of shower and can't get rid of the knots? Don't break your hair use a wide tooth comb (or a shower comb). It will make it soo much easier!
  4. TREAT YOUR HAIR. Use hair masks or heated oils. Pamper your locks!
  5. EAT WELL. If you eat good it shows on your hair and skin. Protein, Iron and Zinc are only amazing for helping your hair grow quick. Click here for some foody tips!
  6. DON'T WASH YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY. If you are washing your hair everyday....well then you are going in and using hair driers and other heated tools and over working your hair. Use a dry shampoo in between washes!
  7. BE PATIENT. It takes the average persons hair to grow half an inch a month. Of course this will vary depending on diet, type of hair etc. Don't get fed up with it if it's in an in between stage, keep going with it!
These are just some of the things that have worked for me and my hair type.

Here's my hair-spiration:
I'm having serious hair envy right now
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16 November 2012

# 24 Stay at the G

If any of you have read my Challenge it's basically 101 goals in 1001 days :)
The corridors of the hotel are quite dark and we actually
went around in a circle before we eventually found our room.
We missed the sign for our room.

You'll have read number 24 is to stay at the G hotel. Well it was my boyfriends birthday in October and we stayed in The G Hotel. Upon arrival into the hotel we were greeted by friendly hotel reception who offered for our bags to be taken up to our room. Ross and I  declined as we didn't want to bother with anyone doing something that was easy enough for us to do ourselves. We were given our room keys signed the usual hotel stuff "Would you like a complimentary Irish Independant?" the receptionist polietly asked and "Yes" had fallen out of my mouth before I could think. We entered the mirrored lifts to our floor.

We stayed in one of the superior rooms our one was 235. The room was immaculate as you walk in, spacious and clean. The bath room was modern and sleek. A massive mirror with two deep sinks (one for him and one for me!). We had a very comfortable bed. It was quite low down but very comfy. We got dressing gowns and complimentary slippers - oh I've very much a slipper kind of gal!

So here's some photo's of the room...

The bathroom had speakers in it so you could here what was going on, on the telly!

Oh and did I forget to mention...cupcakes in the room...


...Ahem, Ross ate one too.

We went out into Galway town that night. We ate and drank out then return to have one more drink in the bar. It was being charged to the room. 1 pint of Guinness (even though I asked for a Smithwicks) and a cosmo was €17! Eh, expensive right? Also did we want to tip? Ross tipped €5......so €23 for 2 drinks? Off to bed. Arriving into the room the telly was on and the bed was turned down. The next day I wanted to have a look at maybe trying out a spa treatment but because we were only there for 1 more night and we wanted to see a bit more of Galway I decided to go see Galway.

We had a great day. Walked up to Salt Hill and went to one of those cheesey amusement centres where you basically throw away money on games. But we had fun!

Out for dinner again that night. We went to a bar across from the Hotel - The Huntsman Inn. I had the fish and chips, Ross had the roasted pork belly. It was delish :)

Neither mornings we got breakfast at the hotel, we had a lie on and missed it the first morning and then the second morning we were packing to check out so we didn't have time.

I hope to stay here again but this time get a treament. I looked up the treatments - they are a bit pricey but I  guess a girl can spoil herself every now and again. Here's a link to the brochure.

Great hotel, expensive but lovely. I will be back (next time for longer!) - let me win the lotto first!
Have you stayed at the G Hotel?

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15 November 2012

CC the new BB??

I just found this on twitter....

What's a CC cream? It's a BB but better! Colour correction, high SPF and it's meant to have better coverage!

I suppose there will be more blog posts on this when they start rolling out!!

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Just thought I'd share this with you...


I received this in an email and I thought I'd share it with you :)

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Tag: 25 Things you might not know about me

I was tagged!! Hannah from Love Life and Make up tagged me in a post back in October. Yes, I'm only getting around to it now!
If you want to read the post I was tagged in click:
Love.Life.and Makeup: Tag: 25 Things you might not know about me

  1. I'm not a tidy person
  2. When I was younger I was quite the tom boy.
  3. I love going to TGI Friday's with old work buddies. It's our place!!
  4. My 30 minute naps last 4 hours each time. Seriously, it's like trying to wake the dead.
  5. I lost 17 pounds on weight watchers.....then found it again. I love food <3
  6. I've no rythm.
  7. I've gotten on flights right after a 12 hour night shift 3 times this year alone...yes I was shattered.
  8. For the last year I've been in a long distance relationship. There's times where it's 6 weeks till we see each other again! 
  9. I don't like eating oranges, I like to chew them.
  10. I've two older brothers.
  11. I'm a junior, yup named after my mam!
  12. My middle name is Ellen.
  13. I can't walk in heels.
  14. The first time I drove a car I ended up on the side of a small hill. The instructor had to slam on the brakes. I nearly cried.
  15. I did drama in college.
  16. I can wolf whistle really loudly!
  17. When I was a kid I wanted to be a secret agent.
  18. I loved dinosaurs when I was a kid
  19. I can move my ears.
  20. I'm crap at applying nail polish.
  21. West Coast Cooler is currently my drink of choice on a night out (apart from Crabbies ginger beer)
  22. I've had my cards read 4 times.....I love tarot readings!
  23. I've a cat called Pebbles, I got her for my 18th birthday.
  24. I learned to play the tin whistle when I was younger then quit because I thought it was getting too hard.
  25. I don't have an allergies.....well none that I found out so far!!

I tag:
Sarah @ adoreabubbles
Emma @ olgreeneyes
Laura @ whatlarryloves
Orla @ makeupovermind
Sara @ beautifulworldoflennynb
Karen or Joanne @ lovelygirliebits
Sarah @ Love Thing...
GirlWithTheSkewEarring @ girlwiththeskewearring

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13 November 2012

Cloud 10 Beauty Christmas Gifts

Yes, it's that time of year again!

A cosmetic site I love to browse on is cloud10beauty.com. I went online to their website to have a little browse today and what did I discover ? A Christmas gift section.

So what out of that section would I recommend?

(I've reviewed both of those products click to have a little read)


But one thing I would love to try out is the OPI get Bonded or the OPI top ten minis.

What do you guys think?
I  think they would be great products for any girly girl this christmas :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

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Rimmel BB Cream 9-in-1

The first time I wore this in front of my mum, she said "oh your make up is lovely"....Well she knew I was wearing something on my skin. But didn't know it was Rimmels BB Cream. I came across this in a 3 for 2 Boots make up section and I just can't say no to 3 for 2! ....I know, I have a problem.

The only shades I found were light and medium. Of course I picked light. Coming into winter SPF25? Well technically you are meant to wear SPF all year round. So why not in a BB or a foundation if your moisturiser doesn't have it?
The above photo's are with out concealer. I think it did a pretty good job at concealing blemishes.

It claims to:
  1. Prime - yeah I'd say so I've used it under foundation and it flattens out any pores (I've only small ones anway, - if invisable!)
  2. Moisturise - I always use a moisturiser anyway. I wouldn't rely on it as I felt it sits on the skin.
  3. Minimise pores - again not one of my concerns!
  4. Conceals - Yup, I felt it did a good job at concealing some spots. It don't have dark under eye circles but is worked under my eye for a small bit of concealment.
  5. Covers - light to medium coverage.
  6. Smoothes - Well I don't have any lines that really need to smooth out or anything. It works good to smooth out stuff like a primer!
  7. Mattifies - I didn't think so! I didn't apply powder when I too the above photo's and it sure don't look matte to me!!
  8. Brighten - Well I think brighten is used loosely. I felt slightly greasey....and I've dry skin!
  9. Helps protect - SPF 25? Yeah I'll give ya that.
I've applied this with Sigma's F80 and with my fingers. I much prefer to apply with the brush. I felt my fingers "wore" the BB away. It's something I feel that has quite a thick consistantly that doesn't blend all that well. Using the brush I had a thicker application of the BB cream the using my finger tips and it doesn't buff into the skin good. The shade was a smidge too yellow, but again only a smidge.(You really notice on my hand). I will say on a lazy no make up day this will work ok.

Yes, I've got bonzer / contour and blush on in the side of the face shot but you can still see my freckles :)

9-in-1? I think it gets 3 out of the 9 for me! 
What do you think? Do you like BB creams?

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The only reason I don't like MSF as of this morning....

If you read my past posts on MAC's MSF (Mineralise Skin Finish) you will know this is the only powder that I'm 100% happy to use. I just simply love it.

But this morning in work while going to grab my perfume out of my bag I discovered something...
There's been times where I noticed on the lid of the MSF sometimes pop s out of place but sits inside the compact. This morning how ever, as I reached in to take out my bath & body works perfume/body spray my finger met something....

This was the result:

My finger was scratching the surface of the powder. (You can see the damage above) Also the corner of my purse was doing the same damage....now my black purse has a powder stain!! GRR!! What annoys me even more? IT WAS A NEW POWDER.

I honestly don't know how the centre part of the lid came loose from the product in my bag!
Note to self: use that mini leopard print make up bag from penneys!

When I was in Nashville my Magic Minerals broke in my bag as well back in September. I tweeted the picture :( 

Photo from @MadamesMadeUp twitter
I think I'm just having bad luck with powders!
Has this happened to you?

Thanks for stopping by :)

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