31 October 2012

Zombie Marie Antoinette

Last year I dresses up as a Zombie...

This year I dd it with a slight twist....I was Zombie Marie Antoinette....This year no contact lenses... :( I wish I got white ones! (They would have been sooo cool!)

This is a slightly modified version of last years zombie but hey I like it! I will say the only thing is because my brows are soo dark you can still see them poking out! (damn!)

Yes, that I tissue paper glued to my face! SHEXY!!

I dressed up as Marie Antoinette in 2009...
Yes, croppage of my friend dressed up as Tina Turner!! (she did look amazing though!)

Life before blogging!

Looking at the Zombie photo I now realize I badly need my roots done! - woops!

Hope you have a happy and safe Halloween guys!

Thanks for stopping by :)
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