24 October 2012

Top Halloween looks (via youtube)

Hello everyone :)

Are you a bit like me this year and don't know what to do for Halloween?
Here's some looks I've found on youtube that can inspire you :)

Siobhan from LetzMakeUp

"Gross & Gory 'Chelsea smile' Halloween Tutorial"

I really like this tutorial as it can be applied to a joker from batman make up look. Or on it's own.

Nic from Pixiwoo
"Corpse Bride"

I'm a huge fan of pixiwoo. Last year when I seen this I was tempted to do this, but I didn't end up doing it!! But you got to admit......it is pretty amazing!

Another one from Nic at Pixiwoo

She makes it look soo easy! Great scary look!!

2 of Nic??? What about Sam from Pixiwoo??
Well here she is..

Kandee Johnson
"Queen of Hearts" (from Alice in Wonderland)

Kandee is amazing! (yes another amazing makeup artist!!) I think it's a perfect for Halloween. This look - everyone will know what it is!

Tanya at Pixi2Woo
Zombie look

I did a Zombie look from last year. If only I had this video to refer to....

I found this bloody Mary tutorial
I thought it was deadly.!! I only discovered Nikki!!

Nikkie from NikkieTutorials
"Bloody Mary"

I really this one...Could this be this years look???

Ok, so what are the options if the above one's are a little "too much"

Leesha from xsparkage
"Halloween spider web eyes"

This look is simple yet effective.

How about just doing the nails??

Sarah from Adoreabubbles
"5 Halloween nails"

(If you click the names of the video's it leads to the beauty guru's beauty channels and if you click the youtube name it brings you to their blog - if they have one!)

I hope you get some inspiration. Have a lovely and safe Halloween guys X

Thanks for stopping by :)
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