09 October 2012

Peaceful nights sleep?

Hello everyone :)

I hope you are well. Have you heard of sleep-in rollers? (I'm sure some of you are going DUH!) Well they've been around for a little while. I purchased mine from cloud10beauty recently and I got them delivered yesterday....I had a quick go at them last night.

Last nights trial wasn't for styling purposes, as for work I have to sleek back my hair into an up style for, the trial was how I slept in them and how I was at putting them in.

At home, I have normal rollers that I only ever use the odd time, for with I'm drying my hair, I'll roll the top half of my hair in the rollers while I continue to dry the lower half of my hair. The typical rollers are a hard plastic and they wouldn't be comfortable to sleep in. I tried to lay my head on a pillow and they are not pleasant to rest your head on, they were in fact quite sore.
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The sleep-in rollers come in 2 packs of ten. The velcro rollers that have a squishy sponge centre in the middle of it to make it alot easier to sleep.

On my trial at applying them to my hair I found quite easy, my arms were tired from applying them but I was expecting this. The full 20 rollers, took each piece of hair quite easily, I secured each roller with a bobbi pin (hair grip to any Irish / UK peeps!).

(At one stage I thought I ran out of bobbi pins and put in 2 paper clips! Found some more then swapped them.) Ha ha!

How was it to sleep on them? Well they are more comfortable then the traditional  rollers as they are alot softer. However, I felt like my head was a little up too high as the sponge can only lower to a certain degree. I'd be careful about using these with a quite thick pillow. If you are a two pillow user I would definately recommend taking one of the pillows away. Amazing hair yes, but a creak in your neck is not so amazing.

Could you imagine trying to do the hair flick? (Because I'm worth it?) ouch!

This morning I woke up thinking I was on a earlier shift in work and started taking the rollers out, got half way through my hair when I realised I wasn't due to be up for work for another two hours. I took the remaining rollers out and fell back asleep.

Have you tried the sleep-in rollers? How did you find using them? (Have you ever used a paper clip to hold a roller in place? - No? Just me?)

Thanks for stopping by :)
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