16 October 2012

Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

The lyrics to a Limp Bizkit song?

I will admit I had the weirdest crush on Fred Durst when I was a teenager....Maybe it was the bad boy image....I soon grew out of that!

The reason the title is so is to continue on from my post on sleep-in rollers.

You get two packs of 10 rollers and a bag to keep them in
I trialled the rollers on how to sleep in here. My second go at them gave much better results. However my sleep didn't seem to be a straight forward one. I woke up twice during the night as I felt the velcro was slightly hurting my scalp.

The rollers themselves are spongy in the middle and are quite flexible. It takes minimal effort to squeeze the rollers to emphasise the softness of them.

Easy to squeeze!
Applying them to the hair was easy enough. However this time around I must have been trying to make sure I didn't over load the rollers and I ended up using them all and having hair left over - this was clearly my own fault as I wanted to make sure I got the full use of the rollers to achieve as much volume and bounce as possible as at my first attempt I secured all my hair in the rollers.

I gave the rollers a quick light mist of hair spray and off to the land of nodd I went!

Here are the photo's from my attempt number two at giving them ago
Here are the rollers applied to my just washed hair and secured with bobbi pins.

The next morning after I took the rollers out. My hair is quite curly and has lots of volume.
Halloween look? (GAH!!!!! no make up!)
Over the course of the day the hair settled down and I found it was more wearable for my night out that night
Ready for my night out
I'm really liking the effect of the rollers!

What do you guys think? I prefer a much more comfortable sleep to be honest. I'm sure if I have very limited time in the morning these would be good to use. I've read plenty of other posts on the rollers and I think maybe I've just a sensitive scalp because waking up twice in one night is not something I want to do too often!

Have you tried sleep-in rollers?

Thanks for stopping by :)
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