30 October 2012

Eye make up remover gel

Hey guys :)

A good while ago I wanted to try out a new eye make up remover. I went into a pharmacy not that far from where I live and they had this brand "Deléor". I've never used anything from this brand

I can get easily talked into buying products so I ended up purchasing this gel for (yes you read that price tag right) €29.90!

I've used the likes of the nivea eye make up remover for years and then went through a cleansing wipe phase (who hasn't?). Of course not forgetting Lancome's Bi Facil.

I was curious about this product as I've never used  a gel before. Tried it...

But I don't know what it is exactly....I just felt like I was using a lot more product (gel) to break down my eye make up.The lid on cap on it is beginning to break off. The gel is nice a cool which I like, but I just don't think it works as well as bi facil or bioderma! It's a product I've used a couple of times which now remains as a back up in my box of products I don't really like using but I will if I run out of my products I actually like! It eventually removes the make up but for such a high price tag I thought it would work a bit better

Sorry Decléor this product isn't for me!

Have you guys tried this out? What do you think? Have you tried anything else from the product range? What should I try out?

I would love to hear!!

Thanks for stopping by :)
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