23 October 2012

An Idol

A little while ago while in town I went into TopShop. This is a shop which I refer to skinny people shop. I normally can't fit my curves into the slim fitting clothes, so any time I go in it's for tee's and maybe shoes.

I was a bit late in finding out that they have a make up line! So there I was heading towards the till after picking up two tee's do I find myself swatching some lipsticks and liners.

I ended up purchasing 3 lipsticks (€12 each) and a kohl liner (€5).

The first lip stick I want to show you is "idol". This cool blue toned pink has a velvety application for an easy glide on the lips with a smooth finish.

And how does it look on the lips?

And of course a swatch...
I'm slightly disappointed as I don't feel it lasts as long as I would like it. For €12 I would expect it to last a bit longer. Between sipping drinks, eating and talking this lipstick lastest 2-3 hours max. Gorgeous colour to wear with minimal eye makeup.

I do really like this lipstick texture and it doesn't look too bad on me either!

Have you tried a Top Shop lipstick?

Thanks for stopping by :)
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