31 October 2012

Zombie Marie Antoinette

Last year I dresses up as a Zombie...

This year I dd it with a slight twist....I was Zombie Marie Antoinette....This year no contact lenses... :( I wish I got white ones! (They would have been sooo cool!)

This is a slightly modified version of last years zombie but hey I like it! I will say the only thing is because my brows are soo dark you can still see them poking out! (damn!)

Yes, that I tissue paper glued to my face! SHEXY!!

I dressed up as Marie Antoinette in 2009...
Yes, croppage of my friend dressed up as Tina Turner!! (she did look amazing though!)

Life before blogging!

Looking at the Zombie photo I now realize I badly need my roots done! - woops!

Hope you have a happy and safe Halloween guys!

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30 October 2012

Eye make up remover gel

Hey guys :)

A good while ago I wanted to try out a new eye make up remover. I went into a pharmacy not that far from where I live and they had this brand "Deléor". I've never used anything from this brand

I can get easily talked into buying products so I ended up purchasing this gel for (yes you read that price tag right) €29.90!

I've used the likes of the nivea eye make up remover for years and then went through a cleansing wipe phase (who hasn't?). Of course not forgetting Lancome's Bi Facil.

I was curious about this product as I've never used  a gel before. Tried it...

But I don't know what it is exactly....I just felt like I was using a lot more product (gel) to break down my eye make up.The lid on cap on it is beginning to break off. The gel is nice a cool which I like, but I just don't think it works as well as bi facil or bioderma! It's a product I've used a couple of times which now remains as a back up in my box of products I don't really like using but I will if I run out of my products I actually like! It eventually removes the make up but for such a high price tag I thought it would work a bit better

Sorry Decléor this product isn't for me!

Have you guys tried this out? What do you think? Have you tried anything else from the product range? What should I try out?

I would love to hear!!

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28 October 2012

Who loves a chuckle??

Ever read the stories from fmylife.com ?
"FML" is a website where people type up their stories that end in "FML" or "f**k my life" (as I'm sure you all know ;)) They range from funny to crude and yes you can vote on how funny they are.
There's been times where I've been laughing out loud...I get fits of giggles...I think it just takes one brilliant story to set you off.

Here's a few examples...

images taken from fmylife.com
Do you read from FML?

What are the websites that you get a chuckle from?

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27 October 2012

A Giveaway...

Hey guys,

Incase  you don't know there's a giveaway on a blog that I follow and I thought I'd share with you...

Click below to have a  better look at the competition...
Confessions of a Bloggaholic

I've entered why don't you?

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24 October 2012

Top Halloween looks (via youtube)

Hello everyone :)

Are you a bit like me this year and don't know what to do for Halloween?
Here's some looks I've found on youtube that can inspire you :)

Siobhan from LetzMakeUp

"Gross & Gory 'Chelsea smile' Halloween Tutorial"

I really like this tutorial as it can be applied to a joker from batman make up look. Or on it's own.

Nic from Pixiwoo
"Corpse Bride"

I'm a huge fan of pixiwoo. Last year when I seen this I was tempted to do this, but I didn't end up doing it!! But you got to admit......it is pretty amazing!

Another one from Nic at Pixiwoo

She makes it look soo easy! Great scary look!!

2 of Nic??? What about Sam from Pixiwoo??
Well here she is..

Kandee Johnson
"Queen of Hearts" (from Alice in Wonderland)

Kandee is amazing! (yes another amazing makeup artist!!) I think it's a perfect for Halloween. This look - everyone will know what it is!

Tanya at Pixi2Woo
Zombie look

I did a Zombie look from last year. If only I had this video to refer to....

I found this bloody Mary tutorial
I thought it was deadly.!! I only discovered Nikki!!

Nikkie from NikkieTutorials
"Bloody Mary"

I really this one...Could this be this years look???

Ok, so what are the options if the above one's are a little "too much"

Leesha from xsparkage
"Halloween spider web eyes"

This look is simple yet effective.

How about just doing the nails??

Sarah from Adoreabubbles
"5 Halloween nails"

(If you click the names of the video's it leads to the beauty guru's beauty channels and if you click the youtube name it brings you to their blog - if they have one!)

I hope you get some inspiration. Have a lovely and safe Halloween guys X

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23 October 2012

An Idol

A little while ago while in town I went into TopShop. This is a shop which I refer to skinny people shop. I normally can't fit my curves into the slim fitting clothes, so any time I go in it's for tee's and maybe shoes.

I was a bit late in finding out that they have a make up line! So there I was heading towards the till after picking up two tee's do I find myself swatching some lipsticks and liners.

I ended up purchasing 3 lipsticks (€12 each) and a kohl liner (€5).

The first lip stick I want to show you is "idol". This cool blue toned pink has a velvety application for an easy glide on the lips with a smooth finish.

And how does it look on the lips?

And of course a swatch...
I'm slightly disappointed as I don't feel it lasts as long as I would like it. For €12 I would expect it to last a bit longer. Between sipping drinks, eating and talking this lipstick lastest 2-3 hours max. Gorgeous colour to wear with minimal eye makeup.

I do really like this lipstick texture and it doesn't look too bad on me either!

Have you tried a Top Shop lipstick?

Thanks for stopping by :)

16 October 2012

Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

The lyrics to a Limp Bizkit song?

I will admit I had the weirdest crush on Fred Durst when I was a teenager....Maybe it was the bad boy image....I soon grew out of that!

The reason the title is so is to continue on from my post on sleep-in rollers.

You get two packs of 10 rollers and a bag to keep them in
I trialled the rollers on how to sleep in here. My second go at them gave much better results. However my sleep didn't seem to be a straight forward one. I woke up twice during the night as I felt the velcro was slightly hurting my scalp.

The rollers themselves are spongy in the middle and are quite flexible. It takes minimal effort to squeeze the rollers to emphasise the softness of them.

Easy to squeeze!
Applying them to the hair was easy enough. However this time around I must have been trying to make sure I didn't over load the rollers and I ended up using them all and having hair left over - this was clearly my own fault as I wanted to make sure I got the full use of the rollers to achieve as much volume and bounce as possible as at my first attempt I secured all my hair in the rollers.

I gave the rollers a quick light mist of hair spray and off to the land of nodd I went!

Here are the photo's from my attempt number two at giving them ago
Here are the rollers applied to my just washed hair and secured with bobbi pins.

The next morning after I took the rollers out. My hair is quite curly and has lots of volume.
Halloween look? (GAH!!!!! no make up!)
Over the course of the day the hair settled down and I found it was more wearable for my night out that night
Ready for my night out
I'm really liking the effect of the rollers!

What do you guys think? I prefer a much more comfortable sleep to be honest. I'm sure if I have very limited time in the morning these would be good to use. I've read plenty of other posts on the rollers and I think maybe I've just a sensitive scalp because waking up twice in one night is not something I want to do too often!

Have you tried sleep-in rollers?

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15 October 2012

50% off?? - Snatch it while you can!

Hello everyone :)

At cloud10beauty.com you can get 50% off their top 5 best sellers on the website when you spend €50 or more!

These inculde Face Atelier Foundation, Sleep-in Rollers, Real Techniques Core collection, Sigma F80 brush and Sleek au Natural Palette (which I've bought for a friend and they loved it :) )

Just thought I'd share with you all!

50% offer is valid from 4th October 2012 until 18th October 2012

Thanks for stopping by :)

09 October 2012

Peaceful nights sleep?

Hello everyone :)

I hope you are well. Have you heard of sleep-in rollers? (I'm sure some of you are going DUH!) Well they've been around for a little while. I purchased mine from cloud10beauty recently and I got them delivered yesterday....I had a quick go at them last night.

Last nights trial wasn't for styling purposes, as for work I have to sleek back my hair into an up style for, the trial was how I slept in them and how I was at putting them in.

At home, I have normal rollers that I only ever use the odd time, for with I'm drying my hair, I'll roll the top half of my hair in the rollers while I continue to dry the lower half of my hair. The typical rollers are a hard plastic and they wouldn't be comfortable to sleep in. I tried to lay my head on a pillow and they are not pleasant to rest your head on, they were in fact quite sore.
Image source
The sleep-in rollers come in 2 packs of ten. The velcro rollers that have a squishy sponge centre in the middle of it to make it alot easier to sleep.

On my trial at applying them to my hair I found quite easy, my arms were tired from applying them but I was expecting this. The full 20 rollers, took each piece of hair quite easily, I secured each roller with a bobbi pin (hair grip to any Irish / UK peeps!).

(At one stage I thought I ran out of bobbi pins and put in 2 paper clips! Found some more then swapped them.) Ha ha!

How was it to sleep on them? Well they are more comfortable then the traditional  rollers as they are alot softer. However, I felt like my head was a little up too high as the sponge can only lower to a certain degree. I'd be careful about using these with a quite thick pillow. If you are a two pillow user I would definately recommend taking one of the pillows away. Amazing hair yes, but a creak in your neck is not so amazing.

Could you imagine trying to do the hair flick? (Because I'm worth it?) ouch!

This morning I woke up thinking I was on a earlier shift in work and started taking the rollers out, got half way through my hair when I realised I wasn't due to be up for work for another two hours. I took the remaining rollers out and fell back asleep.

Have you tried the sleep-in rollers? How did you find using them? (Have you ever used a paper clip to hold a roller in place? - No? Just me?)

Thanks for stopping by :)
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