01 August 2012

Empties of June & July :)

Hey guys,

Here's the empties of the last two months June and July...


Let's have a closer look:

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion
I used to use this as my daily moisturiser. It's great I find for normal to dry skin, but if you're particularly dry I prefer to use something a little more moisturising.
Soap & Glory Clean Mary (discontinued product)
I got this product as part of a Christmas Soap & Glory set....ehm...about 2 and a half years ago...only half used it....well it kinda says it for itself doesn't it? It's not one for removing make up. But your skin does feel quite nice after it.
Revlon PhotoReady in 003 Shell Coquillage
Great foundation. Nice medium coverage. I didn't notice too much sparkly bits as some people would mention. Gave me a nice glow to my skin. I would repurchase.

Essence My Skin Moisturiser
This fragranced moisturiser may not suit anyone with sensitive skin as perfumed products are often the cause of skin irritation. I felt it was a great moisturiser, not bad at all for the price (when bought in Penneys/Primark!). But I doubt I'd repurchase due to the fact I love my other moisturisers at the moment.

Soap & Glory Flake Away
I'm not one for using body scrubs, but using my Epsom salts in the last bit of this product worked really well. May repurchase!

Sure Maximum Protection
I'm really loving this deodorant. I don't use it the way it is directed. (You're meant to use this the night previous, but I don't want to put deodorant on before I go to bed at night!) The only thing I don't like about this is that it's a B*!?h for white marks, most likely from the way I apply it. I'm currently using Dove's version of this. It's made by the same company and it's probably the same ingredients but I feel like I prefer the Sure one better than  the Dove one....weird eh?


Make Up Forever HD Foundation in #113
Great foundation. One thing the packaging is a little annoying as visually you can't tell how much is left in the cotainer. It just looks full! Great to use with Real Techniques buffering brush or anything similar in style.
Johnson's cream cleanser, you can read how much I love this here

John Frieda Full Repair shampoo
I love to use this shampoo along with the conditioner. When I wash my hair I do two washes of shampoo, -that's why I finished this one before the conditioner and masque (which I've LOADS left of!). I always made sure I used this for when I was going out and planning on using my Babyliss Big Hair.

My hair goes "bleedin' massive"...

Thanks for stopping by :)

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