17 July 2012

Magic Minerals...

Hello my darlings!! I've been missing in action, but now I'm back!! How have you all been?? I've been busy with a lot of things going on the past couple of weeks. I've visited Nantes with some friends for a few days. Tracked down a Sephora at the end of the day with 20 minutes left before closing. I literally got powder puffs. - How sad? (I'll make up for that in September when I head to America!!)

I did however get one important thing which I'm currently loving and yes, a blog post will be up on it. I've a couple of blog posts that I want to write about that I will get writing about soon.

Anyway....back to my post....

Have you seen the ad on telly about Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander??

I've seen this ad a good few times....One day I was in Home Store + More and I came across this product from JML

I bought it a while ago and I can't find the receipt for the life of me! So I'm going to guess €20 - €22!!

In this packet you get the magic minerals, a professional like make up brush, sponge applicator and a mascara. The Magic Minerals come in only one shade that I could find on the stand in the shop. I couldn't find on the packaging anywhere to say that it was a specific shade. The compact it self seems slightly larger than an average compact. It has a large mirror on the inside so it's pretty handy when applying this product.

nice big mirror

The powder in the pan has spots of different colours to help combat uneven skin tone, hide dark circles and brighten your skin.

Magic Minerals swatched on finger

Swatched on to hand. Blends into skin tone really well. :)
The powder when first applied seems quite light in coverage. For any blemishes I felt using the brush alone wasn't enough. Therefore using the sponge that came with the set I applied the product over any areas of concern for added coverage. - It worked great at covering my redness on my face.

How does it look when applied??

excuse the slightly sleepy head on me ...haha
(I tend to like to blog rather late!)
I literally have no other make up on my face. I did take my time applying the mineral powder and I did use a lot of product on my face.

So how do I like using this "magic minerals". To be honest I'm not a huge fan. I'm not a fan, number 1 because I've dry skin and if I was having a really bad dry skin day the powder would cling to the dry patches. I also just love using cream/liquid foundation. I've used the likes of mineral powders in the past like L'oreal and Max Factor but I found that the L'oreal one gave much more coverage. Although you can't see my blemishes through the product in the photo.....it's just a smudge away from being seen. I haven't seen what this product acts like in the rain or any long term wear but I can't imagine it lasting long.

I'm sure anyone with oily skin would like this product, I however will have to "pass" on it. Maybe I will use it on my "switching up make up day". (One of those days I feel I haven't loved a certain product for a while).

I suppose it's one of those products you would use for a "no make up day". But on my "no make up days" I prefer to use my clinique BB cream.

A lot of product used just after one application.
I think for the price (roughly €20-22) is a little steep! I've been silly in the past and bought products that are silly expensive. Ok, it's not €50, but €20 is rather a lot  for this....What do you think??

Have you ever tried Magic Minerals?? Would you be interested in trying this out?

I've used the mascara which I will post about separately.

I hope you are all having a lovely day guys. What's been happening with you??

Thanks for stopping by :)

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