18 June 2012

Red Lips?

The perfect red lip?

How to get thee?

With the help of a red lip stick, lip pencil, gloss and a smidge of concealer. (oh, and a primer!)

I first prime my lips with MAC's prep and prime for the lips. When I apply this I like to leave this on for about 2 minutes (I tend to do something in the mean time)

Next I line my lips. Try to pick a colour closest to the shade of the lip stick. Line the perimeter of your lips and follow the shape of them. You can fill in your lips with the pencil to ensure long wearing of the lip colour. If you're like me sometimes I can get dry lips and opt not to fill them in fully.

Start filling in your lips

Now grab the lippie. You can apply to your lips directly from the bullet or you can use a lip brush to apply. I recommend to use a lip brush as it allows  precise application onto the lips. After a while your lip stick will not have the same shape as when you first purchased it. Ever see how different peoples lip stick bullets are a different shape on top?

I decided to use straight from the bullet

Apply your gloss. I would recommend if it is a clear gloss that you are applying that to apply some to the back of your hand and apply it either using your finger or the same lip brush you used before.

The result??

Thanks for stopping by :)

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