04 June 2012


Apologies for the lack of creativity for the title of this post.... and if anyone has a dirty mind like me.....well I'm not saying anything!

Following on from my previous Epsom Salt post

Epsom salts....in your hair?


I used it the salts in my hair the day before I got my hair done in the hairdressers.

How did I use the salts?
Using Aussie's 3 minute miracle deep conditioner I mixed in some salt into an old hair mask tub.

Gave it a little shake and applied it to dry hair. When I applied the product I went no where near my roots as I mixed it in with conditioner and I didn't want to put conditioner on my roots.

No it's not what you think.....it is salt and conditioner!!

I even added a lttle extra salt after I applied it to my hair
Focusing it at the ends, I left for about 3mins and then popped in to the shower and went about my usual showering routine with out adding extra conditioner.

I styled my hair normally.

When I was getting my hair dyed in the hair dressers they remarked on how soft my hair was.....Well of course I couldn't stop myself from blagging on about Epsom salts that I had used the night previous. One of them said "Epsom Salts, like you use in a bath?"...."Yup!" was my reply.

Maybe what ever that relaxes your muscles can help relax your hair??

It also creates great volume in your hair!

Have you ever used Epsom salts?

Thanks for stopping by :)

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