23 June 2012

Review: Front Cover Pencils

Hi there!! I know it's been a little while, but I've been a busy bee!!

Hope you are keeping well.

 Yes, a little while back I took some photo's out in the sun and took advantage of the sunny weather that we were getting here in Ireland.

For my birthday I received this "front cover" collection of pencils and decided to show you a few swatches of the pencils.

Here's what the packaging looks like...
Inside the box you have the collection of pencils, sharpener and some pictures of  looks that you can recreate using the products. I found it quite difficult to remove the pencils from the packaging. When I removed them from the holder I refused to place them back in their original positions.

Close up of the pencils inside the box with the plastic insert removed.
Here's the swatches of the pencils...
I was quite surprised with which ones I was happy with and which one's disappointed me.

Lemon, Chalk, Purple Durple, Drifter, Pine Needle, Moccasin & Black Kohl

As you can see "lemon" & "chalk" don't really have a good pay off. The shade "lemon" is purely glitter and "chalk" is barely noticeable. I swatched it about 3 times and that was the result. Terrible. The rest have excellent pigmentation. I found the pencils were rather soft. Some a little too soft...(you'll notice in the next few photo's)

Purple Durple, Drifter, Pine Needle & Black Kohl

These were the real winners for me in this collection. They were soft and had beautiful pigmentation. These would be colours I'd reach for again and again. The black is really good too. Think I might have to compare this to MAC's smoulder. It's really good :)

Lemon, Chalk & Moccasin
(you can see that the pencils just smudged and broke and were just pushed back together)

These one's are unfortunately not my top ones. They either have poor pigmentation or they are just too soft to use. I've had to push some product back on to the pencil to make it look a tad bit better. They were just too "mushy" to use, -not good at all!

I've noticed after I folded my arm there was a pay off....
When using them on the lids I will have to make sure I set them with a powder shadow as they seem to rub off easily.

Have you tried any of the front cover products before? What ones? (and what did you think?)

Thanks for stopping by :)

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