23 June 2012

Review: Front Cover Pencils

Hi there!! I know it's been a little while, but I've been a busy bee!!

Hope you are keeping well.

 Yes, a little while back I took some photo's out in the sun and took advantage of the sunny weather that we were getting here in Ireland.

For my birthday I received this "front cover" collection of pencils and decided to show you a few swatches of the pencils.

Here's what the packaging looks like...
Inside the box you have the collection of pencils, sharpener and some pictures of  looks that you can recreate using the products. I found it quite difficult to remove the pencils from the packaging. When I removed them from the holder I refused to place them back in their original positions.

Close up of the pencils inside the box with the plastic insert removed.
Here's the swatches of the pencils...
I was quite surprised with which ones I was happy with and which one's disappointed me.

Lemon, Chalk, Purple Durple, Drifter, Pine Needle, Moccasin & Black Kohl

As you can see "lemon" & "chalk" don't really have a good pay off. The shade "lemon" is purely glitter and "chalk" is barely noticeable. I swatched it about 3 times and that was the result. Terrible. The rest have excellent pigmentation. I found the pencils were rather soft. Some a little too soft...(you'll notice in the next few photo's)

Purple Durple, Drifter, Pine Needle & Black Kohl

These were the real winners for me in this collection. They were soft and had beautiful pigmentation. These would be colours I'd reach for again and again. The black is really good too. Think I might have to compare this to MAC's smoulder. It's really good :)

Lemon, Chalk & Moccasin
(you can see that the pencils just smudged and broke and were just pushed back together)

These one's are unfortunately not my top ones. They either have poor pigmentation or they are just too soft to use. I've had to push some product back on to the pencil to make it look a tad bit better. They were just too "mushy" to use, -not good at all!

I've noticed after I folded my arm there was a pay off....
When using them on the lids I will have to make sure I set them with a powder shadow as they seem to rub off easily.

Have you tried any of the front cover products before? What ones? (and what did you think?)

Thanks for stopping by :)

18 June 2012

Red Lips?

The perfect red lip?

How to get thee?

With the help of a red lip stick, lip pencil, gloss and a smidge of concealer. (oh, and a primer!)

I first prime my lips with MAC's prep and prime for the lips. When I apply this I like to leave this on for about 2 minutes (I tend to do something in the mean time)

Next I line my lips. Try to pick a colour closest to the shade of the lip stick. Line the perimeter of your lips and follow the shape of them. You can fill in your lips with the pencil to ensure long wearing of the lip colour. If you're like me sometimes I can get dry lips and opt not to fill them in fully.

Start filling in your lips

Now grab the lippie. You can apply to your lips directly from the bullet or you can use a lip brush to apply. I recommend to use a lip brush as it allows  precise application onto the lips. After a while your lip stick will not have the same shape as when you first purchased it. Ever see how different peoples lip stick bullets are a different shape on top?

I decided to use straight from the bullet

Apply your gloss. I would recommend if it is a clear gloss that you are applying that to apply some to the back of your hand and apply it either using your finger or the same lip brush you used before.

The result??

Thanks for stopping by :)

08 June 2012

And the winner is,,,

On Monday the 28th of May I posted about my 100th post and celebrating with a give away....

I've had 23 entries for this competition and I would like to thank everyone for the continued support

Each of these entrants entered into the competition correctly. If you didn't post in the comments what was required - I'm sorry but your entry will not count.

And now the winner...I used Random.org to generate the winner...

Congratulations Dee!!! I shall contact you to confirm details so you shall receive the prize.

Dee tweeted, blogged and commented with her contact details on and about the blog post giving her 3 entries!!

Thank you everyone for entering. I will contact Dee shortly and will send out the prize.

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06 June 2012

Come, look into my eyes....

 Yes, here's another look of the day. It's a suttle look with a fantastic strong lip. It is an unusual colour on the lip....

Products I used :)
UNE All in one Mascara
Soap & Glory Show Good Face Foundation
Rimmel Wake me up concealer
Loose Make Up Forever powder
MAC mineralise blush in subtle breeze
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Benefit Brow Zings
MAC fascinating eye liner
MAC Black Track gel liner
UD Primer potion
UD 24/7 Glide on lip pencil - Wicked
Kate for Rimmel lip stick 06
MAC Shadow's cinematic duo 6

Fresh, bright eyes :)

Love the look of the lippy over the pencil

Thanks for stopping by :)

Scary make up time again!!

 I recently found out about this......


Think it might be time again for....

Have you ever heard about this before??

I think I might just do it!!

What do you think???

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04 June 2012


Apologies for the lack of creativity for the title of this post.... and if anyone has a dirty mind like me.....well I'm not saying anything!

Following on from my previous Epsom Salt post

Epsom salts....in your hair?


I used it the salts in my hair the day before I got my hair done in the hairdressers.

How did I use the salts?
Using Aussie's 3 minute miracle deep conditioner I mixed in some salt into an old hair mask tub.

Gave it a little shake and applied it to dry hair. When I applied the product I went no where near my roots as I mixed it in with conditioner and I didn't want to put conditioner on my roots.

No it's not what you think.....it is salt and conditioner!!

I even added a lttle extra salt after I applied it to my hair
Focusing it at the ends, I left for about 3mins and then popped in to the shower and went about my usual showering routine with out adding extra conditioner.

I styled my hair normally.

When I was getting my hair dyed in the hair dressers they remarked on how soft my hair was.....Well of course I couldn't stop myself from blagging on about Epsom salts that I had used the night previous. One of them said "Epsom Salts, like you use in a bath?"...."Yup!" was my reply.

Maybe what ever that relaxes your muscles can help relax your hair??

It also creates great volume in your hair!

Have you ever used Epsom salts?

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01 June 2012

Empties of April & May

Here's my second empties post. Because I forgot to post my April empties I've decided to combine the two posts of April & May

Empties of April:

Really liked both these hair masks. The frizz ease one I got on offer in boots (3for2 on hair care). I felt that it was good for not allowing a greasy feel to it and it added shine.

The L'oreal Lumino Contrast I tried to use only once in a while. I got it in my local hair dresser. There's been times where I've used this before I jumped into the shower on dry hair and it works wonders.

One of my favourite scented candles from Yankee. It's just loverly!! I liked it so much so I bought one for my friend for her birthday to show her how amazing it is. (And of course got one for myself - a bigger size one)

Euphoria blossom body wash that I got with a perfume for Christmas. Love the perfume and love the gel!

Nivea Visage dail essentials gentle facil cleansing wipes. To be honest I'm trying to be good and not use cleansing wipes and they are soo bad for your skin! So I had to use them up. Will try not to repurchase again!!

My Clarins serum. Oh I loved this! But since I've now tried a new Estee Lauder  serum which is brilliant too. This is about a third of the price. It glides on to your skin soo easily! It I wasn't willing to pay the money for my estee lauder night repair I'd stick to this! It's deadly!!

(Oh and why did I change serums? - I'm easily led on by sales assistants)

Empties of May:

It wasn't a very busy month...

And yes, I'm reusing photo's as I forgot to up load them on to my computer when they were empty. Just an organising issue.

Aloe eye make up remover. I purchased this at the local GAA when come local persons were seeing from their own businesses. It was a good product, it removed the eye make up easily. However there was a problem with the packaging. The top of the container is meant to have a little whole, once I dropped it the top popped off. Yes it lead to product leaking out. But I found that I went through the product much quicker that I would normally. I found once or twice I may have applied too much product to the cotton wool pad. Wasting product! tut tut!

I think I might go and buy the one product I was really happy to use. Lancómes Bi-facil we will meet again :) and I'm looking forward to it :)

The No 7 night cream - Beautiful Skin Range. The No7 Beautiful Skin range came out at the start of this year. Needing to buy a new night cream I came across this one. It was just under €20 for one cream and it being the time to need to buy a night cream i decided to try it out. Overall I like the packaging -it looks kinda fancy! The cream was lovely to use. I felt using this and my serum I woke up with lovely skin. One time when I staying away I forgot my daily moisturiser and I ended up using this but very lightly on. I rubbed it between my palms to spread the product out. Now, I wouldn't recommend doing this all of the time as night cream is richer than day cream but for the one day it seemed to do just fine :)

Will I buy this product again? Probably. Since I've finished this product I've bought Simple night cream. Will obviously let you know how I get on.

What did you finish this month??

Thanks for stopping by :)

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