13 May 2012

Review: Sanctuary Brightening Facial

Hey guys!! Sorry It's been awhile!

I was away for my birthday over in London visiting my boyfriend!

Hope you are well :)

If you read my post on maintaining moisture you'll know that I can get quite dry skin. Using moisturiser and serums sometimes is just isn't enough. When stressed it really shows on my skin.

It's nice to use a mask to boost some "love" back into the skin.

So with headband on to keep hair out of the way.....out came the mask.

This is a really thick and gooey mask but it spreads evenly. I avoided the eye area, ask the skin there is quite delicate (and I also didn't want to get some mask in my eye!) On the sachet it mentions to leave it on for 10 minutes or on overnight for an extra boost.. I left it say about 25 minutes. I don't fancy leaving it on while I sleep as I really like to snuggle into my pillow and I don't fancy getting face mask on the pillow.

After wearing the mask for what ever amount of time you want to wear it for, remove with warm water. It melts away quite easily.

I applied the mask quite late at night and followed with my latest skin care routine for night time.Will have a post on that soon :)

Overall I was quite happy with the mask. I feel like it left my skin hydrated and a little more relaxed. Brightened? Well I didn't really feel like my skin was dull in the first place....So I suppose it might have brightened me up with a nice moisturising glow :)

Do you use face masks?
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