30 May 2012

Review on The Body Shop Beautifying oil and Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer

A little while ago I attended a launch at The Body Shop.

In a goodie bag leaving the launch I recieved a number of products. Amoungst these products were a beautifying oil (for your hair and skin) and a pearl radiance primer.

Let's have a look at the oil first:

The only other oil I've used in my hair is my morroccan oil . I use it everytime I wash my hair I'm obsessed with it! So how does this match to the infamous Moroccan Oil? Well the  product is alot runnier. You can use this product on your hair and skin. So far I've used it on my arms and on my hair and I'm rather happy with it. Now bare in mind it's not as good as my Moroccan Oil, but it's quite good :)

The product comes in a range of different fragrances. The one I received was Shea and it's quite nommy!

The instructions on the bottle say you can use it on wet or dry skin/hair.

My preference  when using this product is when my hair is beginning to dry (after washing) say about 30% dry and then applying it to the ends of my hair. The reason why I try to keep it away from the roots is I feel it can make my hair look greasy very easily. Then I can let it dry naturally or blow dry it, both ways I am happy with the result.

When I apply it to my skin and it spreads evenly and it's absorbed quickly into the skin. You are left with the nice pleasant smell of Shea. Considering I can be quite lazy with body creams and body butters, I find that since I have this already in my hands I can squeeze a little bit more out and just spread t on my skin. This will look and feel amazing on your legs this summer! Get those pins out girls!!

I've never used an oil on my skin before and it's great! Thumbs up for use on the skin!!

The Primer:

My first time using this, none of the pearls came out. The second time was on Philomena as a bridesmaid on the day of her friend's wedding. Well when I say the second time I used it I was squirt out, give a slightly confused look. Apply to her face with a foundation brush and have it look lumpy. Now I didn't really apply  I stroked it with the foundation brush twice, panicked and then removed with a tissue and went on to Revlon's photoready primer.

Ok, so I said I'd give it another go.

This time was much better. I applied just using my fingers. It gives a nice glow to the skin. If you like the look of Revlon's Photoready foundation then you'll like this primer. (Revlon photoready primer gives a matte finish)

In the above photo's you'll see in the bottom one the glow on my hands. Now I did take this photo on a bright sunny day but using it before I swatched it proper on my arm and it looks slightly glitterly. Now don't imagine chunks of glitter, because that's not what it is. It reflects the light.

I'd imagine anyone with oily skin wouldn't be a fan of this product -as the whole glow look may not appeal to them!

Have you tried the primer or the beautifying oil? (Do you have one other than the Shea one? -how does it smell?)

Thanks for stopping by :)

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