25 May 2012

I might as well just have bought one in every colour....

I seem to like these lip products a little too much.
If you've read my post on a lip product haul featuring L'oreal Caresse's lip range (yes only 2 amoung Revlon lip butters) you'll see just how lovely they are!!

So when in boots a few days ago I just had a quick look at one or two lipsticks that I didn't own yet. I settled just to purchase just one.

L'oreal Caresse 02 Innocent Pink

The shade I got 02 Innocent Pink is a paler version of the 03 Lovely Rose. I prefer the look with out the flash as it seems to look washed out.

202 Impulsive Fuchsia is still my favourite so far of out the L'oreal range that I own.

The texture is lovely on my lips really moistursing!

Do you own anything from this L'oreal range?

Thanks for stopping by :)

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