03 May 2012

Epsom Salt in a bath

Recently my friend Anna has been raving about the wonders about Epsom Salts.

She said "you can thicken your hair with it and like do loads of stuff with it"

She was quite shocked I haven't heard of it. So I simply HAD to investigate. So far I've just used the stuff in a bath. I suffer with backache from time to time, nothing major. Reading the container of the pack of salts I got it mentioned about relaxing of muscles and of sore feet.

I only got a 250g container. (It was only €3-€4) and it says to use roughly 100g in a bath.

So on went the hot water. Bubbles. iPod (am i the only one who uses an iPod in the bath?). Face mask, lit a candle and it was bath time before I knew it!

I shook in approx 100gs of salt (just about half of the container) swished the water around and popped on in.

Maybe it was a placebo effect, but I will admit that I felt it was quite relaxing. I never felt the salts as they dissolved quite quickly in the water. There was no smells or anything particularly "salty" about it, (like when you've a mouth infection and told to rinse your mouth with warm water with salt).

I've read up on epsom salts that you can use them in some warm water and soak your feet in if you have a bit a smelly feet issue! Thankfully I don't!

Next way of using these salts to thicken up my hair.

Will let you know how I get on :)

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