21 May 2012

The bottom line....

Recently I bought the Clinique bottom lash mascara.

Here's a quick look at it.

Tiny mascara wand takes a little longer for application.
I've used this mascara a few times now, it's tiny wand gives extreme definition to my bottom lashes. Sometimes I like to opt to not put mascara on my bottom lashes but when I wear my favorite pencil "Fascinating" by MAC I feel I look odd with out wearing mascara on my bottom lashes.

Although it does do a good job as a mascara, I don't feel it doesn't do anything extra special compared to other mascaras I've owned in the past. I feel in a way that it is a slight waste of money. It was moment of weakness and wanting to buy something when I was on my way over to London about 2 weeks ago.

Over all, good mascara, lovely packaging, due to the wand being small it will take a little bit longer to use, expensive just to use on the bottom lashes!

Is it worth it? If you've got more money than sense (like you can wipe your arse with kinda money) then, yes. If you are like the rest of us in recession....well cop the hell on!! There's a reason my mother doesn't know this exists!!

There are things I could be saving for instead of buying gimicky things like this, like a house!

How are you my lovelies? Hope you are keeping well!!

Thanks for stopping by :)

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