15 May 2012

Beauty loves the Earth

Hey guys!

Last night along with a few other bloggers and journalists I was invited by The Body Shop to go along to an event on Grafton Street.

This was my first event and when I got there did I notice that my camera battery was dying! (poo!) -So excuse the lack of good quality photos.

Upon being greeted at the door I was offered a choice of water, fruit juice or some bubbly. Driving, I choose water (trying to be sensible!). There was cakes, jellies & strawberrys for us to consume. With balloons and arrangements of Body Shop products decorating the entire shop I found myself browsing.
It was my first event -on my own. Didn't know anyone. Well personally.

I seen other fellow bloggers ones like Sue (CherrySuedoin' the do), Leanne (Thunder and Threads), Kirstie (Beaut.ie), Emma (FluffandFripperies), Girl with the Skew earring (Girlwiththeskewearring) and even CornFlakeGirl (RandomRamblingsandMusings).Yes, a little too excited to approach.

I ended up getting into great chats with two fellow bloggers who's first time it was to attend an event (a newbie like me!) Emma (SleepingBootay) and Laura (What Larry Loves).

Before we knew it, it was demonstration time!

We were introduced to the brand the Body Shop. I will admit I didn't know much about the company, - just about how they were cruelty free. I have one or two brushes by them. They unveiled the new look of their infamous Body Butters - one sold every 2 seconds and mentioned that Lily Cole was their first brand advocate.

Their campaign, look good, feel good, do good by buying The Body Shop products we will look good by using their ingredients that are all natural and high quality. While using the products we will feel good knowing that it is fair trade coming from an ethical brand. Doing good by helping the environment, fair trade and well the earth. The body is a cruelty free brand. Their brushes are made with synthetic hairs and not animal hair.

Image from thebodyshop.com
 Next up was a makeup artist to show us a look on a model using the latest make up products. They had dome shaped cream blushes, eyeshadow cubes, a primer and a purple liquid eyeliner as part of the new collection.

Here's a quick look at the products:

Lily Cole for the Body Shop

Here's the new look at the body butters:

Emma SleepingBootay & Laura What Larry Loves

Emma, myself and Laura

Here's a quick look at the goodie bag everyone received:

Here's a closer look at the products:

Super looking forward to trying out these products!!

Thanks Body Shop :)

Hope you have a lovely day :)

Here's a picture taken from the body shop ireland page on facebook:


Thanks for stopping by :)

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