01 May 2012

A Beauty Blog I've recently discovered...

I love finding new blogs to read.

I thought I'd share this one with you .

This is an example of a well written and well presented blog. Amelia brings professionalism and clarity to her posts. She keeps it simple with looks that are sophisticated and stylish that are an inspiration to all beauty guru wannabe's. I only found her not that long ago and I find myself sifting through old blog post entries.

There's hair tutorials  reviews and her "beauty on location" fashion posts.

So far this year she has managed to write up 196 posts! Dedication or what? I manged to type up 50 so far (this being 51!) I'm sure you won't be disappointed by the posts (I assure you). There's always something to read about. The latest collections - the dress codes, it's really a quick guide for any aspiring fashionista!

I really recommend having a little read.
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