30 May 2012

Review on The Body Shop Beautifying oil and Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer

A little while ago I attended a launch at The Body Shop.

In a goodie bag leaving the launch I recieved a number of products. Amoungst these products were a beautifying oil (for your hair and skin) and a pearl radiance primer.

Let's have a look at the oil first:

The only other oil I've used in my hair is my morroccan oil . I use it everytime I wash my hair I'm obsessed with it! So how does this match to the infamous Moroccan Oil? Well the  product is alot runnier. You can use this product on your hair and skin. So far I've used it on my arms and on my hair and I'm rather happy with it. Now bare in mind it's not as good as my Moroccan Oil, but it's quite good :)

The product comes in a range of different fragrances. The one I received was Shea and it's quite nommy!

The instructions on the bottle say you can use it on wet or dry skin/hair.

My preference  when using this product is when my hair is beginning to dry (after washing) say about 30% dry and then applying it to the ends of my hair. The reason why I try to keep it away from the roots is I feel it can make my hair look greasy very easily. Then I can let it dry naturally or blow dry it, both ways I am happy with the result.

When I apply it to my skin and it spreads evenly and it's absorbed quickly into the skin. You are left with the nice pleasant smell of Shea. Considering I can be quite lazy with body creams and body butters, I find that since I have this already in my hands I can squeeze a little bit more out and just spread t on my skin. This will look and feel amazing on your legs this summer! Get those pins out girls!!

I've never used an oil on my skin before and it's great! Thumbs up for use on the skin!!

The Primer:

My first time using this, none of the pearls came out. The second time was on Philomena as a bridesmaid on the day of her friend's wedding. Well when I say the second time I used it I was squirt out, give a slightly confused look. Apply to her face with a foundation brush and have it look lumpy. Now I didn't really apply  I stroked it with the foundation brush twice, panicked and then removed with a tissue and went on to Revlon's photoready primer.

Ok, so I said I'd give it another go.

This time was much better. I applied just using my fingers. It gives a nice glow to the skin. If you like the look of Revlon's Photoready foundation then you'll like this primer. (Revlon photoready primer gives a matte finish)

In the above photo's you'll see in the bottom one the glow on my hands. Now I did take this photo on a bright sunny day but using it before I swatched it proper on my arm and it looks slightly glitterly. Now don't imagine chunks of glitter, because that's not what it is. It reflects the light.

I'd imagine anyone with oily skin wouldn't be a fan of this product -as the whole glow look may not appeal to them!

Have you tried the primer or the beautifying oil? (Do you have one other than the Shea one? -how does it smell?)

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28 May 2012

Celebrating 100th post - COMPETITION CLOSED

Hey guys!

Last Thursday was the 100th post on Madames Made Up and I thought I'd celebrate with a give away!

It is open internationally - yes ANYONE can win!

It's simple to win

      • What you need to do comment below "Enter me" (or something of that description) with your name and email address or twitter name (so I can contact you)

      • For an extra entry you can either mention this competition in a blog post, linking back to this post, including the link to your post, comment below if you have posted a blog post

      • OR in a tweet this give away post (what to tweet is below)

Tweet the following:

I've just entered a competition on @Madamesmadeup http://madamesmadeup.blogspot.com/2012/05/celebrating-100th-post.html

Leave your name and email or twitter below and you will be in a chance of winning the prize below!!

Your email will not be disclosed to any third party and will be kept from public view (that's why I need to approve it!)


So what can you win?

Sorry about crap picture from phone, will update post with better photo's later today :)

*Updated Photo of what you can win*

6 MUA eyeshadows
1 MUA Blush
1 Barry M green lipstick
1 Revlon Lip Butter (in the shade Berry Smoothie)
1 Collection 2000 nail polish
1 miss eyelure lashes
1 revlon lash glue (- I prefer this stuff to DUO!)

Here's some upclose photo's:

MUA shadows in 1 and 16

MUA Shadows in 3 and 20

MUA shadows in 18 and 4

MUA blush 4

Miss Eylure lashes in Emily

Revlon Lash Glue

Revlon lip butter in 050 Berry Smoothie and Barry M Green lipstick

Collection 2000 nail polish


Using Random.org I will pick someone at random (and ensuring they've done the above). Winner to be announced on Friday the 9th of June 2012

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27 May 2012

Competition on LacquerdLover.com

Hey guys, just to let you know there's a competition on over at lacqueredlover.com to celebrate one year!!

Click here to visit and maybe enter the competition yourself :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

25 May 2012

I might as well just have bought one in every colour....

I seem to like these lip products a little too much.
If you've read my post on a lip product haul featuring L'oreal Caresse's lip range (yes only 2 amoung Revlon lip butters) you'll see just how lovely they are!!

So when in boots a few days ago I just had a quick look at one or two lipsticks that I didn't own yet. I settled just to purchase just one.

L'oreal Caresse 02 Innocent Pink

The shade I got 02 Innocent Pink is a paler version of the 03 Lovely Rose. I prefer the look with out the flash as it seems to look washed out.

202 Impulsive Fuchsia is still my favourite so far of out the L'oreal range that I own.

The texture is lovely on my lips really moistursing!

Do you own anything from this L'oreal range?

Thanks for stopping by :)

24 May 2012

Time goes by a little too quickly!

Another look of the day!!!

I was running late as usual and didn't have time after I fixed the mascara to take a second lot of photo's

Products used:

Naked 1 palette
Gosh pencil in Banana's (as base for eyes)
Mac Fascinating
MAC MSF in light plus
MAC blush in Azalea Blossom
Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation
L'oreal Volumissime Mascara
Make up forever camouflage palette

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23 May 2012

Offical Bridesmaid look

Have you been wondering what make up Philomena wore as a bridesmaid??

Well I did the make up for her for the day.....

Here's what it turned out like:

We didn't have time to take more photo's as the hair dressers took an extra hour and a half! I didn't get a chance to do the other bridesmaids make up either :(

The flash has slightly washed her out, but in reality she looked stunning! :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

21 May 2012

The bottom line....

Recently I bought the Clinique bottom lash mascara.

Here's a quick look at it.

Tiny mascara wand takes a little longer for application.
I've used this mascara a few times now, it's tiny wand gives extreme definition to my bottom lashes. Sometimes I like to opt to not put mascara on my bottom lashes but when I wear my favorite pencil "Fascinating" by MAC I feel I look odd with out wearing mascara on my bottom lashes.

Although it does do a good job as a mascara, I don't feel it doesn't do anything extra special compared to other mascaras I've owned in the past. I feel in a way that it is a slight waste of money. It was moment of weakness and wanting to buy something when I was on my way over to London about 2 weeks ago.

Over all, good mascara, lovely packaging, due to the wand being small it will take a little bit longer to use, expensive just to use on the bottom lashes!

Is it worth it? If you've got more money than sense (like you can wipe your arse with kinda money) then, yes. If you are like the rest of us in recession....well cop the hell on!! There's a reason my mother doesn't know this exists!!

There are things I could be saving for instead of buying gimicky things like this, like a house!

How are you my lovelies? Hope you are keeping well!!

Thanks for stopping by :)

17 May 2012

Mellow with Yellow...

Currently rocking....

I received this nail polish as part of my birthday present from Philomena. I had one yellow nail polish before I got in H&M but this one is much more my taste :)

I never normally wear bright colour polishes but I think this is a great one for the summer time :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

15 May 2012

Beauty loves the Earth

Hey guys!

Last night along with a few other bloggers and journalists I was invited by The Body Shop to go along to an event on Grafton Street.

This was my first event and when I got there did I notice that my camera battery was dying! (poo!) -So excuse the lack of good quality photos.

Upon being greeted at the door I was offered a choice of water, fruit juice or some bubbly. Driving, I choose water (trying to be sensible!). There was cakes, jellies & strawberrys for us to consume. With balloons and arrangements of Body Shop products decorating the entire shop I found myself browsing.
It was my first event -on my own. Didn't know anyone. Well personally.

I seen other fellow bloggers ones like Sue (CherrySuedoin' the do), Leanne (Thunder and Threads), Kirstie (Beaut.ie), Emma (FluffandFripperies), Girl with the Skew earring (Girlwiththeskewearring) and even CornFlakeGirl (RandomRamblingsandMusings).Yes, a little too excited to approach.

I ended up getting into great chats with two fellow bloggers who's first time it was to attend an event (a newbie like me!) Emma (SleepingBootay) and Laura (What Larry Loves).

Before we knew it, it was demonstration time!

We were introduced to the brand the Body Shop. I will admit I didn't know much about the company, - just about how they were cruelty free. I have one or two brushes by them. They unveiled the new look of their infamous Body Butters - one sold every 2 seconds and mentioned that Lily Cole was their first brand advocate.

Their campaign, look good, feel good, do good by buying The Body Shop products we will look good by using their ingredients that are all natural and high quality. While using the products we will feel good knowing that it is fair trade coming from an ethical brand. Doing good by helping the environment, fair trade and well the earth. The body is a cruelty free brand. Their brushes are made with synthetic hairs and not animal hair.

Image from thebodyshop.com
 Next up was a makeup artist to show us a look on a model using the latest make up products. They had dome shaped cream blushes, eyeshadow cubes, a primer and a purple liquid eyeliner as part of the new collection.

Here's a quick look at the products:

Lily Cole for the Body Shop

Here's the new look at the body butters:

Emma SleepingBootay & Laura What Larry Loves

Emma, myself and Laura

Here's a quick look at the goodie bag everyone received:

Here's a closer look at the products:

Super looking forward to trying out these products!!

Thanks Body Shop :)

Hope you have a lovely day :)

Here's a picture taken from the body shop ireland page on facebook:


Thanks for stopping by :)

Clinique Mascara Swap

This week at Debenhams, if you bring in one mascara you (any brand) can trade it in for a sample size of either ‘High Lengths Mascara’ or ‘High Impact Mascara'.

This offer only runs from Monday (yesterday) the 14th of May until Sunday the 20th of May, while stocks last.
Image location The beauty shortlist

3 for 2

Visit  cloud10beauty and you'll see an offer, 3 for 2 across 8 brands.

Image from cloud10beauty.com

And yes, as I've said before they take laser card.

Happy shopping!

13 May 2012

Review: Sanctuary Brightening Facial

Hey guys!! Sorry It's been awhile!

I was away for my birthday over in London visiting my boyfriend!

Hope you are well :)

If you read my post on maintaining moisture you'll know that I can get quite dry skin. Using moisturiser and serums sometimes is just isn't enough. When stressed it really shows on my skin.

It's nice to use a mask to boost some "love" back into the skin.

So with headband on to keep hair out of the way.....out came the mask.

This is a really thick and gooey mask but it spreads evenly. I avoided the eye area, ask the skin there is quite delicate (and I also didn't want to get some mask in my eye!) On the sachet it mentions to leave it on for 10 minutes or on overnight for an extra boost.. I left it say about 25 minutes. I don't fancy leaving it on while I sleep as I really like to snuggle into my pillow and I don't fancy getting face mask on the pillow.

After wearing the mask for what ever amount of time you want to wear it for, remove with warm water. It melts away quite easily.

I applied the mask quite late at night and followed with my latest skin care routine for night time.Will have a post on that soon :)

Overall I was quite happy with the mask. I feel like it left my skin hydrated and a little more relaxed. Brightened? Well I didn't really feel like my skin was dull in the first place....So I suppose it might have brightened me up with a nice moisturising glow :)

Do you use face masks?

03 May 2012

Epsom Salt in a bath

Recently my friend Anna has been raving about the wonders about Epsom Salts.

She said "you can thicken your hair with it and like do loads of stuff with it"

She was quite shocked I haven't heard of it. So I simply HAD to investigate. So far I've just used the stuff in a bath. I suffer with backache from time to time, nothing major. Reading the container of the pack of salts I got it mentioned about relaxing of muscles and of sore feet.

I only got a 250g container. (It was only €3-€4) and it says to use roughly 100g in a bath.

So on went the hot water. Bubbles. iPod (am i the only one who uses an iPod in the bath?). Face mask, lit a candle and it was bath time before I knew it!

I shook in approx 100gs of salt (just about half of the container) swished the water around and popped on in.

Maybe it was a placebo effect, but I will admit that I felt it was quite relaxing. I never felt the salts as they dissolved quite quickly in the water. There was no smells or anything particularly "salty" about it, (like when you've a mouth infection and told to rinse your mouth with warm water with salt).

I've read up on epsom salts that you can use them in some warm water and soak your feet in if you have a bit a smelly feet issue! Thankfully I don't!

Next way of using these salts to thicken up my hair.

Will let you know how I get on :)

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