27 April 2012

What am I wearing???

The other night I had a few friends around. We were messing with make up creating potential bridesmaid looks. We all did looks on each other, (post to come soon!), however before we got started I asked my friends to guess the perfume I was wearing.

They weren't really sure of the perfume. One even said "oh Estee Lauder?".

Nope. It was one from.....

*drum roll*

Yes! They were in shock they couldn't believe it. I purchased this perfume "Suddenly Madame Glamour" in Lidl for less than €4! (€3.49 to be precise)

From google images

This perfume is meant to be a dupe for chanel mademoiselle. I used to be a huge fan of the Chanel one, but I tend to go through phases of perfumes. This one is quite nice, however I do find that it doesn't last that long and I found myself reapplying it so that someone can sniff it off me!

It's a nice and light perfume that has doesn't have a floral over powering scent. I think it's perfect for a lovely summer's evening that won't have the typical summery fruity, aroma .I like it so much I've brought it in my hand bag and I tend to touch up on it during my long shifts (especially 12 hour shifts)
You get 50mls which I think given that I will find myself reapplying over and over again will become well used (or well loved) by the end of the summer.

Have you tried out this perfume or even the chanel mademoiselle? (for €3.49 it's well worth it I think!)
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