08 April 2012


Swapping products.

Ever purchase a product, even though after swatching it in the store and purchasing it, just changing your mind about it? Do you own a product that you’ve used about 5 or 6 times with a decent amount of product left in the container that it would be an absolute sin to throw away?

Is there no one you can give it to?

Have you ever considered swapping such product?

I’m a huge fan of beaut.ie and regularly read their forums. Sometimes engage completely random topics. Start off a thread that is beauty related. Or comment on something that has to do with animals and pets.

Part of beaut.ie ‘s forum is a Beauty Swap Siopa . This forum can help you trade your beauty products with someone who is willing to swap something in return.

So how does one go about a swap?

Well first you have to advertise your product. Give a brief description of the product (eg. Brand new in box, or used 3 times, or about 90% of product left, or shade 006) Try to give as much information as possible. Sometimes a user might post picture of the product.

For a full guide on swapping click here

Your post has to go through a process of approval by the forum’s moderators. You will receive an email from the forum to confirm or deny the approval of the post. If it is denied they will explain why in the email.

You can sign up to the forum (it’s free!). Best thing I can recommend is to have a look at previous posts.

Have you ever tried to swap a product on beaut.ie or other website? -How did it go?
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