22 April 2012

Neutral 88 Palette

About 2 and a half years ago at the RDS (Ultimate Girls Day out) at the Crown Brush stand I purchased a neutral palette. This was well before I had purchased my well loved Urban Decay Naked palettes.

I suppose it's kinda like an 88 palette (I'm sure you've seen the one's on ebay). There's 11 shadows on top and 8  along the side (so 88). The normal 88 palette is quite popular amongst some youtubers like  KlairedelysArt  and other beauty guru's on the aul youtube.
I found this palette brilliant! The pigmentation is good and there's a great mix of mattes and shimmers. It's perfect for anyone wanting to start out on make up! You can do loads of looks. Maybe I shall start doing a look of the day using this palette. And yes, I still use it the odd time.

I've noticed overtime that the little pans are beginning to fall out on at least 4 shadows and 2 of the shadows are beginning to break.
I'll be whipping out the surgical spirits to fix the shadows soon.

But the only one thing about these shadows I don't like is the lack of labels/ names. So for future reference I wanted to show you how I like to "label" my shadows in the palette!

The photo of the palette is from google images, but it is the exact same as the one I have

The way in which I label the palette is quite simple, letters on top numbers on the side. So I could refer to the colours as say 4G. Or 6K.

I still love to mix this palette up a bit but of course there's some colours that I find myself loving the combination of. I also like to mix the colours with that of the Naked series from Urban Decay.

Do you own an 88 palette? Neutral or the bright vibrant one?

Would you want me to do a look with this palette?
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