12 April 2012

Fixing eyeshadows

If you read my Greened out for St.Patricks Day post, you would have noticed that one of my eye shadows "Juxt" from MAC was in bit's!!

This eye shadow was one of the first eye shadows I've ever bought from MAC. I bought this one and Velvet Moss together. This shadow broke on me ages ago and I barely would use it due to the fact that everytime I opened it a little would fall out of the container. Therefore it remained unloved and shut and hidden in a safe place.

Then I came across on the wonderful youtube a tip on fixing eyeshadow using surgical spirits or rubbing alcohol or you can even use alcohol.

The best youtube tutorial which was simple and easy to follow for fixing my broken shadow was from KlairedelysArt

In fact here's the video:

Ok, here's how I got on....

You will need:

Broken shadow & Surgical Spirit (€3.99 from local pharmacy)

Bobbi pin

50c coin fits perfectly into my MAC shadow

Tissue to use to press!
What I did:

Step 1
Using my bobbi pin I flattened it out (as in the above picture). I then proceeded to brake my eye shadow up even more so it was as small as I could get it.

Step 2
I added my surgical spirits. I tipped some into the lid and then slowly poured from the lid in to the broken up powder. Using the same bobbi pin I mixed it together to make sure it was an even consistantly.

Step 3
I took my 50cent coin, placed it in the tissue and twisted it so that the coin was fully covered up by tissue and "pressed" the shadow in place.

The result?

I was pretty happy with the turn out. I waited about an hour before touching the shadow just to be sure that it was fully dry :)
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