28 April 2012

Bridesmaid look?

There's plenty of bridal make up looks out there.

But what about bridesmaid looks? Two  good friends of mine are going to be bridesmaids at two separate weddings this year and over a week ago we got talking about possible looks. Then they called up this week and sharing a bottle of wine we got creative!!

If you've read the Halloween look that I never put up (because I completely forgot) you will have seen my friend Philomena here she is again!

Some of us took it in turn putting on make up on each other....So what could we possibly do for a bridesmaid look? Moisturised and with no make up on myself and Ann Marie got to work on our model's Philomena and Anna.

Here's the lovely Philomena again:

My friend Ann Marie did the first look, I did the second :)

Here she is without any make up

You can Pin these looks on Pinterest :)

Here's  a look my friend Ann Marie creating on Philomena.

Philomena's dress she will be wearing at the wedding is a lovely purplish colour therefore Ann has incoporated the colour into the eyes and blending it out to the brow bone.

With the eyes being the focus of the look she kept the lips quite neutal with a nice pale shimmery pink to tie the look together

Could you believe Philomena NEVER fills in her brows? The difference it does. She's got gorgeous brows!!

Here's the look I created.
I prefer to keep the look quite toned down, but I used alot more bronzer and brought it in to the temples to give a nice warm glow to the skin. I also used a No7 cream blusher which would really compliment her skin and help prevent a cakey appearance. It will look more natural

I think her eyes really pop and bronze colours really bring out blue in her eyes, like what AnnMarie did above I've kept the lips quite light.
(I got to tight line Philomena - it was the first time she ever got tightlined)

I filled in her brows using Naked from the orginal Urban Decay Naked palette.

I did the first look and Ann Marie did the second look :)

Introducing my friend Anna.

For her wedding she's going to be in Spain, so hot climate, you don't really want to wear make up that will end up melting off the face by the end of the day and a cakey look isn't one that would look good on anyone.

I tried to keep a "bronze goddess" look about it. Anna, like Philomena  has blue eyes but I think keeping it simple is the key.

I used a wee bit of bronzer below the cheek bone to add a little defination and tried to maintain a suttle glow about the look.
I used my Smashbox blush in the shade "regal" on her cheeks.

Anna already has big beautiful eyes but I just love the look of big eyes on anyone and using white eyeliner really helps the illusion.

I used a dark brown shadow on her top lash line to help make her lashes appear fuller.
Can you believe I didn't curl her lashes before hand?

For the lips, Anna has great lips but a strong red lip wouldn't really tie in with this look. I soooo wanted to do a red lip!! Again I went with a suttle lip.

You can Pin these looks on Pinterest :)

Here she is with a red lip!!
Doesn't she just scream lip advertisement?

Ann Marie did this look on Anna. She used liquid liner to line the upper lash line.

She used a small bit of purple through out the lid, as Anna has never tried out purple before.

Her skin looks amazing, from what I remember Ann Marie used Chanels Matt lumiere in 20 Clair on the skin and it looks flawless!

So what do you think?
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