20 April 2012

Birthday wish list

My Birthday is coming up and there's only one thing so far that I'm hoping to get.

Yes, it's a bag.

A PB bag. (Another one?) OH YES!

It's the Paul's Boutique Studded Purse. It comes in 7 colours. I think the black looks the best and would suit more outfits for me. Yes,

Paul's Boutique London
Studded Purse
£40.00 (sterling)
The purse has a long leather/chain woven strap which in the below picture goes to at least the hip. It has the classic Pauls Boutique "I (heart) PB" in studds on one side of the purse and it has the usual Paul's Boutique London gold metal plate logo on the back of the bag (like all Paul's Boutique bags). There's 3 small compartments and the inside (again like all PB bags) have a leopard print interior.

I want to from time to time not have to bring out a massive bag out with me on a night out. Not only with it stop me from bashing everyone with a huge bag, but it will also make me bring less items out with me on a night out. Like seriously there's only so much you really need on a night out. The bigger the bag you have the more you put in it. FACT.

I reckon that it fits, keys, money, phone, lip stick/ gloss. Sure what else does a girl need on a night out? (oh, powder?) Well I'm sure I could squeeze one in!

It's so pretty!
If you have read my past posts on Paul's Boutique handbags, you might get the sense that I'm a bit of a fan.

All images are from the Pauls Boutique London website www.paulsboutique.com
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