30 April 2012

Using 88 Neutral palette, looks #1 & # 2

Two looks created using my 88 Neutral palette:

(I wore both of these looks in work)
First look:

I used my Maybelline color tattoo in 55 Immortal Charcoal as a base then using my neutral 88 palette I used the colours 7B on the centre of the lid. I then choose to 8A in the outter corner and in the crease, blending it out with 6B and then 2D & 2E. UNE mascara

I used 1J to fill in the brows.

L'oreal Caresse 202 Impulsive Fuchsia on the lips.

Second look:

For this looks I used a shade stick Butternutty (from a haul back in November) all over the lid.

I when in with 5E all over the lid and lightly mix of 6K and 7K in the crease. I used a No7 eye liner in brown to line the upper and lower lash line. MAC's fasinating on the water line. UNE mascara to finish.

1J to fill in brows

29 April 2012

Lip Product Haul

I eventually got to purchase my Revlon Lip Butters.

When I was in Boots in Jervis shopping centre in town the Revlon testers were in a terrible state and someone mangled the products that were meant to be for sale....Got to buy ones that I thought were nice and weren't touched! So I only managed to get 1 lip butter and a few other lip products....(inculding Inglot!)

Barry M Green lipstick, L'oreal Paris Rouge Caresse in 03 Lovely Rose, 202 Impulsive Fuchsia, Inglot 126 and Revlon Lip butter in 090 Sweet Tart

L'oreal Caresse 03 Lovely Rose

L'oreal Caresse 202 Impulsive Fuchsia

Inglot 126 (you will need to wear a gloss on top of this as I find it quite drying)

Revlon Lip Butter 090 Sweet Tart

Since I wanted other lip butters when I went into Boots in Swords with my mum the first stand I met was Revlon.....well this was a much better condition of a stand...

Revlon Lip Butters in 010 Raspberry Pie, 005 Sugar Frosting & 055 Cupcake

Revlon Lip Butter 010 Raspberry Pie

Revlon Lip Butter 005 Sugar Frosting

Revlon Lip Butter 055 Cupcake

Sugar frosting is probably the least flattering of them all....The texture of the lip butters is oh so smooth with a sheer but lovely shades. Raspberry Pie is probably the one I thought I wouldn't like as much as I thought I would. One swatch in boots and I was putting a tube of it in the basket. (It's dangerous when I grab a basket on the way in to Boots!)

Can you see my lip product addiction has just gotten out of control?

28 April 2012

Bridesmaid look?

There's plenty of bridal make up looks out there.

But what about bridesmaid looks? Two  good friends of mine are going to be bridesmaids at two separate weddings this year and over a week ago we got talking about possible looks. Then they called up this week and sharing a bottle of wine we got creative!!

If you've read the Halloween look that I never put up (because I completely forgot) you will have seen my friend Philomena here she is again!

Some of us took it in turn putting on make up on each other....So what could we possibly do for a bridesmaid look? Moisturised and with no make up on myself and Ann Marie got to work on our model's Philomena and Anna.

Here's the lovely Philomena again:

My friend Ann Marie did the first look, I did the second :)

Here she is without any make up

You can Pin these looks on Pinterest :)

Here's  a look my friend Ann Marie creating on Philomena.

Philomena's dress she will be wearing at the wedding is a lovely purplish colour therefore Ann has incoporated the colour into the eyes and blending it out to the brow bone.

With the eyes being the focus of the look she kept the lips quite neutal with a nice pale shimmery pink to tie the look together

Could you believe Philomena NEVER fills in her brows? The difference it does. She's got gorgeous brows!!

Here's the look I created.
I prefer to keep the look quite toned down, but I used alot more bronzer and brought it in to the temples to give a nice warm glow to the skin. I also used a No7 cream blusher which would really compliment her skin and help prevent a cakey appearance. It will look more natural

I think her eyes really pop and bronze colours really bring out blue in her eyes, like what AnnMarie did above I've kept the lips quite light.
(I got to tight line Philomena - it was the first time she ever got tightlined)

I filled in her brows using Naked from the orginal Urban Decay Naked palette.

I did the first look and Ann Marie did the second look :)

Introducing my friend Anna.

For her wedding she's going to be in Spain, so hot climate, you don't really want to wear make up that will end up melting off the face by the end of the day and a cakey look isn't one that would look good on anyone.

I tried to keep a "bronze goddess" look about it. Anna, like Philomena  has blue eyes but I think keeping it simple is the key.

I used a wee bit of bronzer below the cheek bone to add a little defination and tried to maintain a suttle glow about the look.
I used my Smashbox blush in the shade "regal" on her cheeks.

Anna already has big beautiful eyes but I just love the look of big eyes on anyone and using white eyeliner really helps the illusion.

I used a dark brown shadow on her top lash line to help make her lashes appear fuller.
Can you believe I didn't curl her lashes before hand?

For the lips, Anna has great lips but a strong red lip wouldn't really tie in with this look. I soooo wanted to do a red lip!! Again I went with a suttle lip.

You can Pin these looks on Pinterest :)

Here she is with a red lip!!
Doesn't she just scream lip advertisement?

Ann Marie did this look on Anna. She used liquid liner to line the upper lash line.

She used a small bit of purple through out the lid, as Anna has never tried out purple before.

Her skin looks amazing, from what I remember Ann Marie used Chanels Matt lumiere in 20 Clair on the skin and it looks flawless!

So what do you think?

MAC Collection Fashion Sets

At the moment if you visit maccosmetics.com you will see they are bringing out another collection called "Fashion sets".

They have combinations of looks that are meant to be inspired from all over the world. The collection each contains a lip stick, lip gloss and a nail lacquer (polish to those like my mother who say "that's a shockin' posh way of saying polish")

Here's a quick look:
Myth, Snob, Spice, Girl about Town, Russian Red, Rebel & Chestnut

I've been obsessed with lip products lately (yes another post to include Revlon butter's due) and well it's easy to say why I'm drawn to this collection.

T'is feckin' GARGUS!

These colours from MACcosmetics are quite popular in different parts of the world.

Spice – #1 classic best-selling lip pencil in Canada, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, UK, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, India, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Travel Retail

Myth – #1 selling lipstick in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia and Finland

Russian Red  #1 selling lipstick in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Singapore and Venezuela

Snob #1 selling lipstick in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Travel Retail

Chestnut – #1 selling lip pencil in the US

Rebel – Cult favorite for the perfect sultry, wine colored lip

Girl About Town – A fabulous bright fuchsia, a go-to staple for every fashionista

Personally I will be having a look at "Snob" and "Girl about Town"....(and possibly "Russian Red")

Hee :)

Images from the MAC cosmetics website maccosmetics.com and from google images

15% off Daniel Sandler Make up at Beauty Emporium.ie THIS WEEKEND!

I'm sure like myself, you all like an offer.

This weekend on beautyemporium.ie there's 15% off Daniel Sandler cosmetic line.

There's blushes, brushes, lipstick and foundations that can be purchased on the beauty emporium website.

Visit http://www.danielsandler.com/ to have a  look at some tips and tutorials on using his make up line.

What else is great? If you live in Ireland (and are like myself only has a laser card, they accept that too!)

Happy Shopping !!

Screen shot of beauty emporiums website from beautyemporium.ie

27 April 2012

What am I wearing???

The other night I had a few friends around. We were messing with make up creating potential bridesmaid looks. We all did looks on each other, (post to come soon!), however before we got started I asked my friends to guess the perfume I was wearing.

They weren't really sure of the perfume. One even said "oh Estee Lauder?".

Nope. It was one from.....

*drum roll*

Yes! They were in shock they couldn't believe it. I purchased this perfume "Suddenly Madame Glamour" in Lidl for less than €4! (€3.49 to be precise)

From google images

This perfume is meant to be a dupe for chanel mademoiselle. I used to be a huge fan of the Chanel one, but I tend to go through phases of perfumes. This one is quite nice, however I do find that it doesn't last that long and I found myself reapplying it so that someone can sniff it off me!

It's a nice and light perfume that has doesn't have a floral over powering scent. I think it's perfect for a lovely summer's evening that won't have the typical summery fruity, aroma .I like it so much I've brought it in my hand bag and I tend to touch up on it during my long shifts (especially 12 hour shifts)
You get 50mls which I think given that I will find myself reapplying over and over again will become well used (or well loved) by the end of the summer.

Have you tried out this perfume or even the chanel mademoiselle? (for €3.49 it's well worth it I think!)

22 April 2012

Neutral 88 Palette

About 2 and a half years ago at the RDS (Ultimate Girls Day out) at the Crown Brush stand I purchased a neutral palette. This was well before I had purchased my well loved Urban Decay Naked palettes.

I suppose it's kinda like an 88 palette (I'm sure you've seen the one's on ebay). There's 11 shadows on top and 8  along the side (so 88). The normal 88 palette is quite popular amongst some youtubers like  KlairedelysArt  and other beauty guru's on the aul youtube.
I found this palette brilliant! The pigmentation is good and there's a great mix of mattes and shimmers. It's perfect for anyone wanting to start out on make up! You can do loads of looks. Maybe I shall start doing a look of the day using this palette. And yes, I still use it the odd time.

I've noticed overtime that the little pans are beginning to fall out on at least 4 shadows and 2 of the shadows are beginning to break.
I'll be whipping out the surgical spirits to fix the shadows soon.

But the only one thing about these shadows I don't like is the lack of labels/ names. So for future reference I wanted to show you how I like to "label" my shadows in the palette!

The photo of the palette is from google images, but it is the exact same as the one I have

The way in which I label the palette is quite simple, letters on top numbers on the side. So I could refer to the colours as say 4G. Or 6K.

I still love to mix this palette up a bit but of course there's some colours that I find myself loving the combination of. I also like to mix the colours with that of the Naked series from Urban Decay.

Do you own an 88 palette? Neutral or the bright vibrant one?

Would you want me to do a look with this palette?

20 April 2012

Birthday wish list

My Birthday is coming up and there's only one thing so far that I'm hoping to get.

Yes, it's a bag.

A PB bag. (Another one?) OH YES!

It's the Paul's Boutique Studded Purse. It comes in 7 colours. I think the black looks the best and would suit more outfits for me. Yes,

Paul's Boutique London
Studded Purse
£40.00 (sterling)
The purse has a long leather/chain woven strap which in the below picture goes to at least the hip. It has the classic Pauls Boutique "I (heart) PB" in studds on one side of the purse and it has the usual Paul's Boutique London gold metal plate logo on the back of the bag (like all Paul's Boutique bags). There's 3 small compartments and the inside (again like all PB bags) have a leopard print interior.

I want to from time to time not have to bring out a massive bag out with me on a night out. Not only with it stop me from bashing everyone with a huge bag, but it will also make me bring less items out with me on a night out. Like seriously there's only so much you really need on a night out. The bigger the bag you have the more you put in it. FACT.

I reckon that it fits, keys, money, phone, lip stick/ gloss. Sure what else does a girl need on a night out? (oh, powder?) Well I'm sure I could squeeze one in!

It's so pretty!
If you have read my past posts on Paul's Boutique handbags, you might get the sense that I'm a bit of a fan.

All images are from the Pauls Boutique London website www.paulsboutique.com

12 April 2012

Fixing eyeshadows

If you read my Greened out for St.Patricks Day post, you would have noticed that one of my eye shadows "Juxt" from MAC was in bit's!!

This eye shadow was one of the first eye shadows I've ever bought from MAC. I bought this one and Velvet Moss together. This shadow broke on me ages ago and I barely would use it due to the fact that everytime I opened it a little would fall out of the container. Therefore it remained unloved and shut and hidden in a safe place.

Then I came across on the wonderful youtube a tip on fixing eyeshadow using surgical spirits or rubbing alcohol or you can even use alcohol.

The best youtube tutorial which was simple and easy to follow for fixing my broken shadow was from KlairedelysArt

In fact here's the video:

Ok, here's how I got on....

You will need:

Broken shadow & Surgical Spirit (€3.99 from local pharmacy)

Bobbi pin

50c coin fits perfectly into my MAC shadow

Tissue to use to press!
What I did:

Step 1
Using my bobbi pin I flattened it out (as in the above picture). I then proceeded to brake my eye shadow up even more so it was as small as I could get it.

Step 2
I added my surgical spirits. I tipped some into the lid and then slowly poured from the lid in to the broken up powder. Using the same bobbi pin I mixed it together to make sure it was an even consistantly.

Step 3
I took my 50cent coin, placed it in the tissue and twisted it so that the coin was fully covered up by tissue and "pressed" the shadow in place.

The result?

I was pretty happy with the turn out. I waited about an hour before touching the shadow just to be sure that it was fully dry :)

08 April 2012


Swapping products.

Ever purchase a product, even though after swatching it in the store and purchasing it, just changing your mind about it? Do you own a product that you’ve used about 5 or 6 times with a decent amount of product left in the container that it would be an absolute sin to throw away?

Is there no one you can give it to?

Have you ever considered swapping such product?

I’m a huge fan of beaut.ie and regularly read their forums. Sometimes engage completely random topics. Start off a thread that is beauty related. Or comment on something that has to do with animals and pets.

Part of beaut.ie ‘s forum is a Beauty Swap Siopa . This forum can help you trade your beauty products with someone who is willing to swap something in return.

So how does one go about a swap?

Well first you have to advertise your product. Give a brief description of the product (eg. Brand new in box, or used 3 times, or about 90% of product left, or shade 006) Try to give as much information as possible. Sometimes a user might post picture of the product.

For a full guide on swapping click here

Your post has to go through a process of approval by the forum’s moderators. You will receive an email from the forum to confirm or deny the approval of the post. If it is denied they will explain why in the email.

You can sign up to the forum (it’s free!). Best thing I can recommend is to have a look at previous posts.

Have you ever tried to swap a product on beaut.ie or other website? -How did it go?

01 April 2012

Empties of March 2012

My mission to use up products that I already own I will admit is going quite well...

Here's the evidence.

Neutrogena pure glow, Lancome Bi-Facil, Rimmel primer, Santurary Moisturiser, Vichy Cleansing Milk

Here's what I predict that I will use up for next months "Empties of the month".

MAC Studio Careblend powder, Revlon PhotoReady Foundation, Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation, Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum, The scraps of Benefit's You're Bluffing, Essence My Skin Moisturiser
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