08 March 2012

A storage idea

Today when I was in town I came across these jars in the Euro Saver shop. The cost 2 euro each. Yes, these are normally used for containing biscuits and the like. The jar is glass and the lid is plastic. (The lid isn't very sturdy).

I thought they would be handy to store the likes of lip sticks or nail polishes. I choose nail polishes (instead of a box that was much bigger).

Old storage (Burberry perfume box from a gift set)

I got to separate and organise one jar being pinks and reds, while the other jar being blues and purples.
I only got two jars and I clearly  need more.
Left over polishes in a container from Glitzy Glam

Another thing I've converted to nail polish storage is a lipstick holder.

Before polishes are added

Although you do have to store them upside down.
 I think I need to buy some more jars...
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