01 March 2012

Rimmels Gel Liner

I recently purchased Rimmels Gel Liner. I was going to buy L'Oreals Gel liner as well, but forced myself to put it back. I currently own MAC's Black Track gel liner and Maybelline's Lasting Drama Gel Liner. I regularly mix between using these two gel liners from time to time.

A week or two ago I seen on beaut.ie I noticed the post on Rimmels & L'Oreals gel liners and I've kept an eye out.
I tried the Rimmel liner out for the first time on Saturday, applied the product before heading off to work. I took pictures of the product just applied to my eyes and when I got home...My shift was a 9 hour shift so the liner has been on my lids for roughly 10 hours. I applied the gel liner with the brush it came with.
Just applied the gel liner

Above just applied and the below picture is after 10 hours wear.

The product when you first apply, I find you have to apply a thickish coat to ensure that you keep the line jet black. It lasted the 10 hours of my shift at work and the brush was quite easy to use. Although I still prefer to apply liner with my MAC or Sigma liner brushes.

I will continue to use this product as I am so far happy with the results :)

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