10 March 2012

Jeeez that STINKS!

Ever get make up products that just smell bad? Even though it's the first time to use such things?

I have. Twice.

Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket was the first product I came across. The shade: MAX.

So what is a "Rocket Pocket"? They are a line of lip glosses that have a hard container. The lid has a picture of a man leaning against a surf board (I presume it's Max). All the glosses in this line come with a picture of a fine male on the lid. Twisting your wrist you can see him fully clothed and then in his underwear! ( I don't mind at all!)

Apparently "the tubes even have pheromone ink which you can rub to enhance sexual attraction".

But I think this is a load of balls! Does anyone read that on the tube and think "ohh, I must have".
If they do.....oh you Silly Billy!

I've only used this product a few times (two or three times?), and I can't bear to use it again. Why? Well the smell of it. I make that disgusted face everytime I go to use it. Imagine someone applying lip gloss and they make THAT disgusted face at the product while applying.

The second lip product that I was quite disappointed with the aroma was from Soap and Glory! It was their Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plump.

Of course I have to go for a gimick and purchase. This one was far worse than the above Urban Decay product. I already have the orginal Sexy Mother Pucker product and I was happy with it. But an extreme version of it? Oooo, I wonder what my lips will look like with it?

Not only did it tingle like mad (nearly sore), but the smell was a little much. Just smelling the product coming out of the tube disgusted me to think that my lips smell like that! Wipe off and try a trustly lip balm.
I can't remember the actually price I paid for this product but on the Soap and glory website the RRP is £10.50. I can not see how this justifies the price for such a horrid product. Soap and Glory I love your products, but this one lets you down!

What products have you bought, that just have let you down?
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