27 March 2012

HD Brows

Fancy getting HD brows but like me not being able to find a place locally that actually knows what your talking about and just getting fed up (and also having a fear of allowing someone else shape your brows) and decide...sure I’ll give it ago!

First things first, trim/shape your eyebrows. There’s plenty of tutorials on youtube that give you a guide on how to shape, pluck, trim, wax and thread your brows. I’m more of a plucking kinda girl. I’m just so used to it now.

I’ve always shaped my own brows. They are nowhere near perfect. In fact when I don’t have them filled in you can see how much they do not match at all. (As the saying goes they are sisters not twins!!) We’ve all had instances of over plucking in our youth and then experienced the awful time it takes to grow them back. Yes, it’s torture. I will admit that right now is the happiest I have ever been with my brows.

Anyway, back to HD brows. HD. High Definition. Make them stand out. So after you beautifully shape your brows on your face (again if you need guidance and or tips youtube brow tutorials), the one thing I recommend for you to do is to lightly shape the perimeter of the brows with a pencil. One I like to use for this is Benefit’s pencil. Why? Well it has a nice soft waxy texture so when you apply powder over it the powder will grab on to it, helping it to stand out more.

After applying the pencil go in with your favourite powder. You can use a powder designed for brows (like benefit’s brow zings) or use an eye shadow that would be the perfect shade (like MAC’s Omega).  To see what shadows I like to use click here. Use a small angled brush to do this. Benefit have a small hard angled brush to do the job (my favourite to use).
MAC also have a small angled brow brush the 208 and Sigma have the E65 to do the same job.

Sigma E65, MAC 208 & Benefit Hard Angle

After applying your brow products, I suggest brushing through them with a “spooley” or a clean mascara wand, or if your brow pencil has a little brush I’d brush through using that (like the benefit pencil). Use a clear brow gel to set in place or a clear mascara.

Next thing, concealer. Yes you read right concealer. Use concealer around the brow to really make your brow stand out. It really does work – don’t knock it till you try it. Blend the concealer as you move it away from your brow into your foundation so that it doesn’t look like your wearing concealer around your brows. Wall-la b.e.a.u.tiful HD brows! (Remember don't over fill in the brows!)

You can also re-jig the steps as in reshape first (always reshape first) then conceal, then fill in brow.

HD brows are most effective when you have a flawless face (can be achieved with concealer) and with less make up on the eyes.
Brows will stand out less if you have a smokey eye as the attention is drawn to the eye make up rather than the brows.

You can do a bright or dark lip with the look, but if too much attention is on the lids the impact is less.

Here's my "HD brow"

Would love to see your versions on HD brows :)

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