13 March 2012

Hauls are getting out of control

Ever feel like you can't stop buying things?

Here, I find myself doing yet another HAUL.

A piece from each of the collections that are avaliable at MAC now.

I think I've a problem.....I carried away. WAY too much

Anyway, here's the swatches and a little look at the products:

From the Vera Collection
"Designer Purple"

"Designer Purple" eyeliner €15.15
The only other purple eyeliner was one from Urban Decay, "Lust"and it's been reduced to a small stump. I went through a phase of loving purple on my eyes and this was used religiously. So I thought sure buy a back up! The swatch is a VERY light swatch in the above picture. You can intense it buy going over it two or three times. (Although 3 might be a bit much!) It also has light flecks of glitter.

Pretty :)

From the Chenman Collection
"Force Of Love"

"Force Of Love" Lipglass €14.70
I'm really loving this colour. I find it's great on it's own for work. It's a great way of adding that pop of colour when wearing a neutral eye. You can team it with your favourite bright lipstick for a more intense look.

From the Shop MAC collection
"So Vain"

"So Vain" Kissable lipcolour €17.30
This is super pigmented! I've only ever worn this product on it's own as the colour is sooooo strong that there'd be no point in wearing a lipstick underneath. Great for work or everyday wear :)

 From the Cook MAC Collection
"Tread Gently "

"Tread Gently" Tendertone €12.55
Ever want a slight shimmer on your lips, that's not over the top?

THIS IS YOUR PRODUCT. I will admit it took me ages to try to get the right photo for you to see the beauty of this lip product. SPF 12? Sure why not?

I don't normally buy this many lip products in one haul, but I couldn't help myself!

These products were purchased at MAC in Dublin Airport and were accurate at time of purchase.
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