19 March 2012

God I love that smell....

Ever walk into a room and wonder..."Ummmm what is that?"

Well a few months ago that happened to me. My parents had recently bought a Yankee Candle in the scent Sweet Strawberry.
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The smell was fresh and yummy. (I never thought a candle could be yummy). So next time I came across a Yankee Candle in any store I had to go and have a sniff.

One which I am loving is Lemon Lavendar and Clean Cotton. Both these are quite fresh as well. I found the Lavendar on it's own wasn't as nice as Lemon Lavendar. I've a small jar of it in my room which I have burnt in the past. I still have a little bit of the candle left but the lid removed allows the fragrance to circulate. Yes, the smell isn't as strong as when the candle is being burnt but you can still get a slight hint of it.

Clean cotton, smells like the name. Like just washed sheets - AMAZING!!

Yesterday was Mothers Day, although I didn't do a blog post on what you could get your mother for Mothering Day I thought I'd share one thing with you what I got my mother for Mothers Day as a nice idea. You don't have to just keep this solely as a "mothers day" gift. Any time of year for any occassion will do just fine.
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There's soo many great smelling candles, in all sizes to serve all budgets.
You can even buy them online. The last lot I bought was from Millies. (They even accept Laser card too!)

(Millies are also great for saving money on the candles, some items are cheaper than the RRP!)
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