28 March 2012

Customized Urban Decay Palette?

Yes folks you read right here...

Upon reading one of my favourite beauty blogs beaut.ie I came across an interesting post on the latest from UD. The following images are being taken from Beaut.ie
Urban Decay are going to be releasing a range where you can build your own palette. The shadows have a wide range of colours and shades. In fact you've 66 to choose from to fill up a palette of 6!

Each shadow is a new formulation which gives more pigmentation and they are been described as "buttery". The shadows come in individual pots and they can easily popped out and popped in to the specially designed palette. (Something that's much easier than depotting)

Lots and lots of pretty colours :)
 The palette comes with one eyeshadow already included - "Walk of Shame" and it includes a brush. There's some eye shadows in the collection that are already available. The shadows will retail at 17 euro a pop.
....So a quick calculation and that gives €102 for 6 shadows.

Palette on it's own (including "walk of shame") retails for €17
 In the Urban Decay Naked series you get 12 shadows in each case for €40. Roughly €3.33 per shadow. So comparing that to €17 for one I think may be a bit steep. But of course you get to personalise the palette to the colours that you truly like. Alternatives are also Inglot for personalisation for shadows.

Due to arrive at Urban Decay counters in May.

What do you think?....Will you be buying this?
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