31 March 2012

Face of the day

Products used

Smashbox Primer
Revlon PhotoReady foundation
MAC Studio Finish concealer
Benefit Watt's Up highlighter
No7 Cream blush
Soliel Tan de Chanel bronzer

Bare Study paint pot
Rimmel Gel Liner
Max Factor False Lash Effect
Catrice Shadow (Starlight espresso - used in brows)

MAC lipstick in Sweetie
Bobbi Brown lip gloss in Pink Gold

I don't normally use mainly cream products, but today I didn't want to feel caked up. Using cream products also is good for those like myself who have drier skin.

28 March 2012

Customized Urban Decay Palette?

Yes folks you read right here...

Upon reading one of my favourite beauty blogs beaut.ie I came across an interesting post on the latest from UD. The following images are being taken from Beaut.ie
Urban Decay are going to be releasing a range where you can build your own palette. The shadows have a wide range of colours and shades. In fact you've 66 to choose from to fill up a palette of 6!

Each shadow is a new formulation which gives more pigmentation and they are been described as "buttery". The shadows come in individual pots and they can easily popped out and popped in to the specially designed palette. (Something that's much easier than depotting)

Lots and lots of pretty colours :)
 The palette comes with one eyeshadow already included - "Walk of Shame" and it includes a brush. There's some eye shadows in the collection that are already available. The shadows will retail at 17 euro a pop.
....So a quick calculation and that gives €102 for 6 shadows.

Palette on it's own (including "walk of shame") retails for €17
 In the Urban Decay Naked series you get 12 shadows in each case for €40. Roughly €3.33 per shadow. So comparing that to €17 for one I think may be a bit steep. But of course you get to personalise the palette to the colours that you truly like. Alternatives are also Inglot for personalisation for shadows.

Due to arrive at Urban Decay counters in May.

What do you think?....Will you be buying this?

Palette from Claires...

I recently bought an eyeshadow palette from Claire's Accessories and I thought I'd show you what it looked like and swatches etc.

It comes with a sponge tip applicator which I know I wouldn't use.

The above swatches are without any kind of primer. The 10th shade was swatched twice to try to show the colour up more. It failed to do so. Although the colours are lovely, the pigmentation on it's own is not the greatest. I think in order for the colours to be really shown you would need to build it up a lot.

Maybe if I use a primer underneath these shadows the colours might show up more. Shades "1", "2" & "8" you can't even see it at all.

So far I'm quite disappointed with this palette on first impression.

27 March 2012

HD Brows

Fancy getting HD brows but like me not being able to find a place locally that actually knows what your talking about and just getting fed up (and also having a fear of allowing someone else shape your brows) and decide...sure I’ll give it ago!

First things first, trim/shape your eyebrows. There’s plenty of tutorials on youtube that give you a guide on how to shape, pluck, trim, wax and thread your brows. I’m more of a plucking kinda girl. I’m just so used to it now.

I’ve always shaped my own brows. They are nowhere near perfect. In fact when I don’t have them filled in you can see how much they do not match at all. (As the saying goes they are sisters not twins!!) We’ve all had instances of over plucking in our youth and then experienced the awful time it takes to grow them back. Yes, it’s torture. I will admit that right now is the happiest I have ever been with my brows.

Anyway, back to HD brows. HD. High Definition. Make them stand out. So after you beautifully shape your brows on your face (again if you need guidance and or tips youtube brow tutorials), the one thing I recommend for you to do is to lightly shape the perimeter of the brows with a pencil. One I like to use for this is Benefit’s pencil. Why? Well it has a nice soft waxy texture so when you apply powder over it the powder will grab on to it, helping it to stand out more.

After applying the pencil go in with your favourite powder. You can use a powder designed for brows (like benefit’s brow zings) or use an eye shadow that would be the perfect shade (like MAC’s Omega).  To see what shadows I like to use click here. Use a small angled brush to do this. Benefit have a small hard angled brush to do the job (my favourite to use).
MAC also have a small angled brow brush the 208 and Sigma have the E65 to do the same job.

Sigma E65, MAC 208 & Benefit Hard Angle

After applying your brow products, I suggest brushing through them with a “spooley” or a clean mascara wand, or if your brow pencil has a little brush I’d brush through using that (like the benefit pencil). Use a clear brow gel to set in place or a clear mascara.

Next thing, concealer. Yes you read right concealer. Use concealer around the brow to really make your brow stand out. It really does work – don’t knock it till you try it. Blend the concealer as you move it away from your brow into your foundation so that it doesn’t look like your wearing concealer around your brows. Wall-la b.e.a.u.tiful HD brows! (Remember don't over fill in the brows!)

You can also re-jig the steps as in reshape first (always reshape first) then conceal, then fill in brow.

HD brows are most effective when you have a flawless face (can be achieved with concealer) and with less make up on the eyes.
Brows will stand out less if you have a smokey eye as the attention is drawn to the eye make up rather than the brows.

You can do a bright or dark lip with the look, but if too much attention is on the lids the impact is less.

Here's my "HD brow"

Would love to see your versions on HD brows :)

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19 March 2012

Paddy's Day Manicure on Beaut.ie

Screen shot from beaut.ie
Beaut.ie tweeted on Friday about asking to see people's St.Patricks Day manicure's/nail art.
I tweeted a  picture of my nails and the photo ended up being featured on the web site.

(I'm the number 5)

Thanks girls:)

Click here to have a look at beaut.ie

God I love that smell....

Ever walk into a room and wonder..."Ummmm what is that?"

Well a few months ago that happened to me. My parents had recently bought a Yankee Candle in the scent Sweet Strawberry.
Google Images
The smell was fresh and yummy. (I never thought a candle could be yummy). So next time I came across a Yankee Candle in any store I had to go and have a sniff.

One which I am loving is Lemon Lavendar and Clean Cotton. Both these are quite fresh as well. I found the Lavendar on it's own wasn't as nice as Lemon Lavendar. I've a small jar of it in my room which I have burnt in the past. I still have a little bit of the candle left but the lid removed allows the fragrance to circulate. Yes, the smell isn't as strong as when the candle is being burnt but you can still get a slight hint of it.

Clean cotton, smells like the name. Like just washed sheets - AMAZING!!

Yesterday was Mothers Day, although I didn't do a blog post on what you could get your mother for Mothering Day I thought I'd share one thing with you what I got my mother for Mothers Day as a nice idea. You don't have to just keep this solely as a "mothers day" gift. Any time of year for any occassion will do just fine.
Google Images
There's soo many great smelling candles, in all sizes to serve all budgets.
You can even buy them online. The last lot I bought was from Millies. (They even accept Laser card too!)

(Millies are also great for saving money on the candles, some items are cheaper than the RRP!)

16 March 2012

Brittle nails update....(t'is been a while)

If any you have read my post entry on my mission to get nice strong nails. You may have remembered that I promised to do updates on using OPI's nail envy.

Well to be honest I've noticed very little in the difference of the condition of my nails. I've even bought OPI's nail envy for senistive peeling nails. Which I didn't know exsisted until recently. Whenever I wear nail polish I've 75% of the time worn one of the nail envy's as a base, two coats of colour and a top coat. However my nails are still peeling underneath which in turn  gives the chipped look effect (to add to the chipping).

I used to take a hair, skin and nails supplement from Holland and Barrett a couple of years ago but then I became useless in taking the tablet. Forgetfulness and laziness doesn't help.

Since my nails have gotten really bad at peeling and breaking I've decided to start taking a hair, skin & nails supplement again. This time I've decided to get perfectil from Boots.

Google Images
One tablet is to be taken after your main meal (obiviously dinner).

Inside each tablet contains:

  • Standardised Grape seed extract (95%): Contains antioxidants to help protect cells from free radical damage and promote a healthy circulation.
  • Natural vitamin E, vitamin C and selenium: Antioxidants that help protect against skin damage caused by free radicals, UV light and pollution.
  • Vitamin C: Helps to maintain skin strength and elasticity. Also required for healthy nails.
  • Vitamin D3: Required for healthy skin, bones and general maintenance of tissue.
  • B complex vitamins, folic acid and iron: Involved in blood formation and circulation for the transportation of nutrients to the dermis.
  • Natural carotenoids: Can help reduce sun damage.
  • Biotin: Involved with hair growth.
  • Copper: Necessary for hair strength and the formation of hair follicles.
  • Magnesium and zinc:  Important minerals, which can help, reduce hair loss. Zinc is also important for the maintenance of strong nails.
  • Iodine:  Essential for the production of thyroxine, a hormone that controls the rate of metabolism. A lack of thyroxine can have a detrimental effect on the appearance of skin, hair and nails.
  • Iron:  To help maintain healthy nails.
  • Manganese: Vital for healthy skin because of its role in connective tissue metabolism

Information from the vitabiotics website http://www.vitabiotics.com/

Hopefully this will help on my mission to achieve stronger nails with less peeling. :)

15 March 2012

Greened out for St. Patrick's day!

Not Irish? Don't be green with envy this St.Patricks day!

Be green and merry :)

St. Patricks day is fast approaching. To which had led me to purchase some items. I tend to like to celebrate by accents of green through make up or nails. Last year I wore false nails from Claire's Accessories that were light green with a darker green for shamrocks.

Last year I also purchased a small sequenced hat that was attached on to a hair band. So this year I rooted it out. It's still in good condition, therefore it will become part of my ensemble!

I was messing around with some make up the other day and I've created two different looks using some of my green tools.

Here's the result:

Sleek ACID Palette

MAC Digi Pop palette

MAC's Juxt

Bourjois 07 Noir Emeraude

Barry M Dazzle Dust 72

Various greens from Urban Decay, Inglot, Sephora, Bourjois, Smashbox & MAC

Look number 1

Look number 2


I tend to rearrange my desk in my room quite alot....I've just so much, well not "crap", but things. I was having a quick look at my container that I have on top and I counted.....3 hair sprays, 3 tins of dry shampoo (yes one is a tiny travel size tin BUT STILL!)


It's bad.
I've everything in it....
Mission:Get to empty at least half the container.

I've a terrible habit of getting through about a third of the way through a product and the purchasing another, use that for a while ........and then buy another one. It's sooo silly I know! I've 3 cleansing milks. YES 3! (Bare in mind the Nivea one is a cleanser and toner, 2 in 1 if you will!)

Don't get me started on hair care products.....

Throw them out? NO! I've spent too much money on these products I might as well be throwing money away! Give them away? Well some of these products are over half used, I doubt anyone would want my half used products.

I feel like I'm beginning to look like a hoarder. Ever seen the show? I haven't but I've seen an ad on telly for it.

Image source
 Use up products. I want to start posting blog entries of empties at the start of each month, mentioning about what products I managed to finish

Watch out for the Empties of the Month blog posts (coming soon!)

13 March 2012

Hauls are getting out of control

Ever feel like you can't stop buying things?

Here, I find myself doing yet another HAUL.

A piece from each of the collections that are avaliable at MAC now.

I think I've a problem.....I carried away. WAY too much

Anyway, here's the swatches and a little look at the products:

From the Vera Collection
"Designer Purple"

"Designer Purple" eyeliner €15.15
The only other purple eyeliner was one from Urban Decay, "Lust"and it's been reduced to a small stump. I went through a phase of loving purple on my eyes and this was used religiously. So I thought sure buy a back up! The swatch is a VERY light swatch in the above picture. You can intense it buy going over it two or three times. (Although 3 might be a bit much!) It also has light flecks of glitter.

Pretty :)

From the Chenman Collection
"Force Of Love"

"Force Of Love" Lipglass €14.70
I'm really loving this colour. I find it's great on it's own for work. It's a great way of adding that pop of colour when wearing a neutral eye. You can team it with your favourite bright lipstick for a more intense look.

From the Shop MAC collection
"So Vain"

"So Vain" Kissable lipcolour €17.30
This is super pigmented! I've only ever worn this product on it's own as the colour is sooooo strong that there'd be no point in wearing a lipstick underneath. Great for work or everyday wear :)

 From the Cook MAC Collection
"Tread Gently "

"Tread Gently" Tendertone €12.55
Ever want a slight shimmer on your lips, that's not over the top?

THIS IS YOUR PRODUCT. I will admit it took me ages to try to get the right photo for you to see the beauty of this lip product. SPF 12? Sure why not?

I don't normally buy this many lip products in one haul, but I couldn't help myself!

These products were purchased at MAC in Dublin Airport and were accurate at time of purchase.

10 March 2012

Jeeez that STINKS!

Ever get make up products that just smell bad? Even though it's the first time to use such things?

I have. Twice.

Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket was the first product I came across. The shade: MAX.

So what is a "Rocket Pocket"? They are a line of lip glosses that have a hard container. The lid has a picture of a man leaning against a surf board (I presume it's Max). All the glosses in this line come with a picture of a fine male on the lid. Twisting your wrist you can see him fully clothed and then in his underwear! ( I don't mind at all!)

Apparently "the tubes even have pheromone ink which you can rub to enhance sexual attraction".

But I think this is a load of balls! Does anyone read that on the tube and think "ohh, I must have".
If they do.....oh you Silly Billy!

I've only used this product a few times (two or three times?), and I can't bear to use it again. Why? Well the smell of it. I make that disgusted face everytime I go to use it. Imagine someone applying lip gloss and they make THAT disgusted face at the product while applying.

The second lip product that I was quite disappointed with the aroma was from Soap and Glory! It was their Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plump.

Of course I have to go for a gimick and purchase. This one was far worse than the above Urban Decay product. I already have the orginal Sexy Mother Pucker product and I was happy with it. But an extreme version of it? Oooo, I wonder what my lips will look like with it?

Not only did it tingle like mad (nearly sore), but the smell was a little much. Just smelling the product coming out of the tube disgusted me to think that my lips smell like that! Wipe off and try a trustly lip balm.
I can't remember the actually price I paid for this product but on the Soap and glory website the RRP is £10.50. I can not see how this justifies the price for such a horrid product. Soap and Glory I love your products, but this one lets you down!

What products have you bought, that just have let you down?

08 March 2012

A storage idea

Today when I was in town I came across these jars in the Euro Saver shop. The cost 2 euro each. Yes, these are normally used for containing biscuits and the like. The jar is glass and the lid is plastic. (The lid isn't very sturdy).

I thought they would be handy to store the likes of lip sticks or nail polishes. I choose nail polishes (instead of a box that was much bigger).

Old storage (Burberry perfume box from a gift set)

I got to separate and organise one jar being pinks and reds, while the other jar being blues and purples.
I only got two jars and I clearly  need more.
Left over polishes in a container from Glitzy Glam

Another thing I've converted to nail polish storage is a lipstick holder.

Before polishes are added

Although you do have to store them upside down.
 I think I need to buy some more jars...

02 March 2012

This happened to me today....

Image source
Except mine was like ten bazillion times worse........


Just thought I'd share the shame..... it's not even 6:30 in the morning....That's what I get for rushing the make up on just before I head to work.

The big question...Did anyone see it?

....Yes, but she was too politie to point it out....

Oh well...

Becareful with applying your lip stick ladies!

01 March 2012

Rimmels Gel Liner

I recently purchased Rimmels Gel Liner. I was going to buy L'Oreals Gel liner as well, but forced myself to put it back. I currently own MAC's Black Track gel liner and Maybelline's Lasting Drama Gel Liner. I regularly mix between using these two gel liners from time to time.

A week or two ago I seen on beaut.ie I noticed the post on Rimmels & L'Oreals gel liners and I've kept an eye out.
I tried the Rimmel liner out for the first time on Saturday, applied the product before heading off to work. I took pictures of the product just applied to my eyes and when I got home...My shift was a 9 hour shift so the liner has been on my lids for roughly 10 hours. I applied the gel liner with the brush it came with.
Just applied the gel liner

Above just applied and the below picture is after 10 hours wear.

The product when you first apply, I find you have to apply a thickish coat to ensure that you keep the line jet black. It lasted the 10 hours of my shift at work and the brush was quite easy to use. Although I still prefer to apply liner with my MAC or Sigma liner brushes.

I will continue to use this product as I am so far happy with the results :)

Dublin Airport Haul

Two weeks ago, I flew to London, my flight on the way over ended up being delayed by 2 hours.....Whats the best way to waste the time in an airport....

Well by shopping of course....

It seemed like the longest time to wait till Soleil Tan De Chanel was back in stock...

I've been trying to purchase this product for at least 4 months. When I asked did they have it, I was guessing they would give me the same answer as I've been getting every time I ask for it. But no, the girl gave me a grin and got it out of the drawer for me. Of course I was convinced that it was a powder bronzer , - but no....it was what I've been wanting. I even opened it to check!! Straight to the counter, purchase and Shop & Collect.

(Service provided by Dublin Airport where you can purchase your items and collect on your return. You give them the date and the time of arrival, name and contact number so when you arrive they text you at the time you told them to remind you to collect.)

Here's what it looks like:

I've used this product with my MAC 130 (from the 2011 Christmas collection) and the finish is AMAZING!
Sometimes I can feel a little cakey with the different layers of powders, (powder, blush, bronzer and maybe some powdered highlighter) The duo fibre of the 130 allows for a light application and the product is build able. I haven't yet tried this product with the Real Techniques contour brush yet. But will try it out!

The next thing I wanted to get was my usual MSF (mineralized skin finish natural), however I when I asked for the shade light plus (meant to be the new light/medium) the girl was convinced that I was looking for another powder called MAC's Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder, this was not the product I was looking for, however I decided I wanted to try something new so that was purchased. (She was convinced that the shade light plus didn't exsist in MSF. Click here to see for yourself on the MAC Cosmetics website - it does exsist!) I got the shade medium anyway, as they were out of the shade light plus (just my luck)

Not a huge fan of this powder, although the mirror is rather handy - the one thing MSF could have...

The next product I purchased in Dublin Airport was from the Naturally Collection from MAC
Image Source

Image Source
I've never had a mineralized blush before, so a quick swatch at the sample stand and I was sold. The shade I got was "Subtle Breeze". It's soo pretty and super pigmented.

 The last and final product I purchased at Dublin Airport was Bobbi Brown lip gloss in "Pink Gold".

Isn't it loverly???????? :)

These products were purchased at Dublin Airport and the prices were accurate at time of purchase
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