26 February 2012

How do you fill yours in?

Eye Brows
For the longest time I never filled them in. EVER.

Then I one day will messing with a bit if make up I slightly filled them with a No7 blonde brow pencil.
Image source benefit.com
I then purchased Benefit and then moved on to Cliniques brow filler.
Image source makeup4all.com
Then going by the benefit counter I had to have a quick look and found Brow Zings! I got the girl at the counter to fill my brows in using the product in the shade "light" and I instantly loved the results. I purchased that and the benefit angled brush.
Brow Zings in the shade light
Image from Sephora.com
In the Brow Zings you get a wax and powder, 2 brushes and a small tweezers. I don't use the brushes really and prefer to use the angles brush from benefit. When I first got this product I used to use the wax, but now I don't bother and just stick to the powder.

Benefit Hard Angle Brush
Image from Beautylish.com
Am I one to just limit myself to one product? (Hell no!!)
I like to use "Woodrose" from Bobbi Brown Cosmetic's. MAC's Omega.

MAC's Omega
Image source
Bobbi Brown Woodrose
Sometimes I use from the Urban Decay Naked Palette (number 1) the shades Naked and Buck (and mix the two).
So why do I like to use powder mainly? Well because it gives a softer brow. It's quicker and you can mix the shade if they are not what suits best.

I have over plucked in the past, as I'm sure everyone has at some point. I've had super skinny thin brows. (Yes, there's photo graphic evidence......do you want to see?)

Do you fill yours in? How do you do so?
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