26 February 2012

How do you fill yours in?

Eye Brows
For the longest time I never filled them in. EVER.

Then I one day will messing with a bit if make up I slightly filled them with a No7 blonde brow pencil.
Image source benefit.com
I then purchased Benefit and then moved on to Cliniques brow filler.
Image source makeup4all.com
Then going by the benefit counter I had to have a quick look and found Brow Zings! I got the girl at the counter to fill my brows in using the product in the shade "light" and I instantly loved the results. I purchased that and the benefit angled brush.
Brow Zings in the shade light
Image from Sephora.com
In the Brow Zings you get a wax and powder, 2 brushes and a small tweezers. I don't use the brushes really and prefer to use the angles brush from benefit. When I first got this product I used to use the wax, but now I don't bother and just stick to the powder.

Benefit Hard Angle Brush
Image from Beautylish.com
Am I one to just limit myself to one product? (Hell no!!)
I like to use "Woodrose" from Bobbi Brown Cosmetic's. MAC's Omega.

MAC's Omega
Image source
Bobbi Brown Woodrose
Sometimes I use from the Urban Decay Naked Palette (number 1) the shades Naked and Buck (and mix the two).
So why do I like to use powder mainly? Well because it gives a softer brow. It's quicker and you can mix the shade if they are not what suits best.

I have over plucked in the past, as I'm sure everyone has at some point. I've had super skinny thin brows. (Yes, there's photo graphic evidence......do you want to see?)

Do you fill yours in? How do you do so?

15 February 2012

Real Techniques Core Collection

In a recent haul you can read here, you see that I purchased Samantha Chapmans Brushes "Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman". Only untill recently could you only purchase her brushes online.

Right now they are avaliable in Boots. I purchased the Core Collection for €30.49. Since I purchased these brushes on Friday I've used these brushes a few times. In the case you get four brushes. The buffering brush, the pointed foundation brush, the detail brush and the contour brush. The brushes visually are very pretty. They have a nice light goldish colour aluminum ferrules dominating the handle with the base being black. The shade of the ferrules determine that they are for creating a flawless base.

It has "Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman" printed on one side and on the other the name of the brush. The brushes are light to use and they have taklon bristles to give that HD result.

The first brush I want to have a look at is the pointed foundation brush.

I find this brush quite small for a foundation brush. When I used it for the first time I felt that it was taking a little longer than normal to apply my foundation. Comparing this to a regular foundation brush there was a noticable difference in size. I washed this brush to have a go at using it the second day, but when I went to use it I chose not to as I simply didn't have the time. The overall finish was good. It got the foundation on my face and didn't leave it looking streaky. The foundations I've used this brush on were, Rimmels Match Perfection and a mix between Rimmels Stay Matte & Gosh's X-ceptional wear (one is too dark the other is too light) and both I was happy with the look of the product on my face. But the brush is just too small for my liking.

The second brush I was to mention is the detail brush.

This brush can be used for concealer or lipstick application according to the packaging. I tried using the brush for concealer application only so far and to be honest I don't like it. I will however give it a go at applying lipstick although I tend to use the bullet of the lipstick for applying lipstick instead of a brush. Emma suggested that I try it out on my brows. That's still yet to happen. I currently will stick to my other concealer brushes or using my fingers to perfectly blend out the product.

Will try it out and will update ya all when I make a decision on the brush in regards to how it applys both lipstick and brows!

The next brush I want to talk about is the buffering brush.
When I first got this brush, I had already decided to use this nicely dense brush for powder application (using my favourite MSF!) It gave good coverage. Althought I've dry skin I get slightly paranoid of a shinny forehead. I felt happy enough to use this buffering brush to get the powder on to my "T" zone.
It was suggested to me to try it out as a foundation brush. So i've tried it at least twice since. I've used it with Revlon's Photo Ready foundation and the mixture of Rimmels Stay Matte & Gosh's X-ceptional wear (As I tried with the pointed foundation brush). I must say I was a little weary of using this as a foundation brush at first as I felt the brush might be a little too dense, but the foundation went on grand. Once you apply it lightly and keep it to the tips of the bristles, that does the work.

Now the final brush to mention...the contour brush.

I think this might be my personal favourite. I love the shape of it. The hairs on the brush are nice a soft and give a nice blend when applying bronzer. I've used two of my bronzers (Benefit's Hoola and Inglot's 58) and I'm quite happy with the result. In the past I've used angled brushes such as Sigma's F40 and MAC's 168, but this has one my heart. I did try this out as a blush but I much prefer this a bronzing brush. It fits it lovely underneath where my cheek bones is meant to be (my round face makes this hard to find sometimes, I just have to suck in my cheeks!).

So a quick summary - I'm loving the buffering brush & the contour brush and not so the detail brush and the pointed foundation brush.

13 February 2012

11 Questions Tag

This is my first ever tag!
I got tagged by Hannah on Love.Life.and Makeup. 
Thanks for the tag. To read her tag click here  

It's quite simple

The rules are:
  • Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  • You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.Go to their page and tell them you have linked him or her
  • No tag backs.
  • No stuff in the tagging section about 'you are tagged if you are reading this'. You legitimately have to tag 11 people
  • Each person must write 11 things about themselves on their blog
11 Things about me :)
  1. I'm addicted to Tea
  2. I've a weird sense of humour
  3. I'm rather lazy washing brushes
  4. I'm not tidy
  5. I love expanding my DVD collection so much
  6. I love getting cuddles from my dogs :)
  7. It takes me FOREVER to write emails/blog posts/texts
  8. I'm horribly akward with people I don't know
  9. I'm amused by the simplest of things
  10. Lemon on Dawson Street in Dublin is one of my favourite restaurants (La Caverna in Temple Bar is another)
  11. I love getting my fortune told
Hannah's Questions
  1. What is the one product you can't live without?
  2. If you had to eat one thing forever what would it be?
  3. Favorite holiday destination?
  4. Who are your favorite Youtubers/Bloggers?
  5. TV or Radio?
  6. Favorite Shop?
  7. Favorite article of clothing?
  8. Whats your biggest regret?
  9. Whats your worst fashion or beauty mistake ever?
  10. Whats your Favorite memory?
  11. What has been the funniest moment of your life so far?

What is the one product you can't live without?
One product I couldn't live without I think would be Moisturiser! Flakey skin isn't appealing at all!

If you had to eat one thing forever what would it be?
Cheese toasties

Favorite holiday destination?

Who are your favorite Youtubers/Bloggers?
Oooh, this is a toughly to pin point just a few favourite. Click for youtube favourites.
Here's a few bloggers I like:
TV or Radio?
Favorite Shop?
Favorite article of clothing?
(P) Leather jacket from Penneys (Primark)
Whats your biggest regret?
Try not to have regrets, as you can't change the past so there's no point dwelling on the past.
Whats your worst fashion or beauty mistake ever?
Over plucking -then having to wait for brows to grow back
Whats your Favorite memory?
When I was a kid, on Christmas morning opening up my Christmas present from Santa and it was a Simba teddy....the absolute joy and excitement!!
What has been the funniest moment of your life so far?
A good few years ago say 12? I might have been around 12 I guess....I was on holidays in Gran Canaria with my family. My Dad thought it would be a great idea to sign me and my brothers up for a "banana boat". We were the only ones on it. It was being dragged by a jet ski. You know when you get a bad feeling before something and people convince you to do it anyway.
Should have listened to my gut feeling.
Imagine, jet ski, banana boat, BIG waves, and me at the back of it. I don't have alot of upper body strength. Basically a massive wave came and hit while jet ski and banana boat going at a pretty fast speed....I get THROWN off the bleeding banana boat. And get left there. Stranded. Thank god I had a life jacket on.
The night previous I noticed a boat on the harbour advertising to see the various sea creatures. Sharks I do remember seeing  being mentioned.
By the time they realised I was missing the guy operating the Jet Ski started ripping the piss out of me. Obiviously I was terrified.
Not funny at the time but I suppose I could have a little chuckle about it now.

The 11 People/Bloggers I tag are:
 My questions for you are:
  1. Do you limit your audience to a certain age group (of so what age group?)
  2. What brand of make up is  your favourite?
  3. What's your earliest memory of make up?
  4. What other blogger inspires you the most?
  5. Desert island, 3 things to bring (doesn't have to be make up!)
  6. What camera do you use for taking photo's on your blog?
  7. Marmite, yay or nay?
  8. If you could have any super power in the world what would that be?
  9. Whats your worst hair experience?
  10. Whats your favourite show on tv?
  11. If a friend had terrible make up skills and never asked for advice but yet still went on and continued with their "look" would you suggest some advice or leave them be?

12 February 2012

Look of the day

Rimmel London Professional Finish in Coral Romance

17 Strengthening Base Coat, Rimmels Coral Romance and Nails Inc Kensington Topcoat Caviar

Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in "flipside" and Maybelinne Kohl in "Metallic green"

Make up look and Coral Romance on nails :)


Yes, another Haul!

(As if anyone can stop me!)

Here's what I bought:

Real Techniques By Samantha Chapman (€30.49) - Boots

Pointed Foundation Brush, Contouer Brush, Detail Brush & Buffering Brush

No 7 Beautiful Skin Night cream (€19.26) - Boots

I'm just finishing up my other No 7 night cream - perfect timing to purchase a new product!

Rimmel Professional Finish nail polish in Coral Romance (€6.09) - Boots

Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip tint and balm (€7.61) - Boots

Tigi Catwalk Shampoo Headshot 750mls (€12.99) - Tkk Maxx
I love TkkMaxx for buying TIGI Shampoos
Will review a few of these products over the next while.

Hope you's are having a nice relaxing Sunday :)

10 February 2012

Eyes of the Day #2

The above look was created using the naked 2 Palette

It was created on Tuesday the 7th of February. (slightly back-dated yes!)

This is a second look using the palette. To see the first look click here

To fill in my brows I used Woodrose eyeshadow by Bobbi Brown

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