12 January 2012

Z Palette time!

A week before Christmas I visited London.
On that trip, -my misson was to visit a shop called "Precious about Make-up" and purchase a Z Palette.
When I reached the shop........they were sold out.

Then Twitter.........Beauty emporium tweeted about Z Palettes........

Bitta online shopping and just less than a week later they were being delivered to my house!


Well it's a palette that is designed to fit all shapes of eye shadows, blushers, bronzers - basicly any powder make up that is in a metal pan. You remove the pan from the eye shadow container (process known as depotting) and stick a magnet on the back and place it on the magnetic board on the palette to stick it on.

What you will need:
  • Makeup that can be depotted
  • Z palette
  • Straighteners
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Sharp knife (please be careful with this, you don't want to accidently stab yourself!)
  • Magnetic roll or small magnets
  • Time & patience (if doing a few eyeshadows at once)

 This  can be quite time consuming to depot the eyeshadow from the container, so don't try to do this when you are short for time.

  • First things first, you need a flat surface to do this. I used my kitchen table.
  • I plugged in my GHD and turned it on.
  • I cut a small piece of greaseproof paper (big enough to hold at least 2 eyeshadows).
  • While waiting for my GHD to heat up (doesn't take long) I removed the plastic insert from the eye shadow case using the sharp knife. There is a little line on the packaging, slide the point of the knife in it and "wiggle" it and the plastic insert shall pop out!
  • Place the plastic insert on to the greaseproof paper and on to the plate of the now hot straightener. Leave for a few minutes.
  • After a few mintues check it the bottom of the insert and if it is slightly "warped" then it's time to use the knife again. If it is not warped place it back on the straightener for another few more minutes.
  • Point the knife on the centre of the base and slightly push it up. From the heat of the straightener this will weaken the base and help melt the glue, thus causing the pan to separate from the plastic. Now the pan will be hot, so take care when handling it and do not to burn yourself!
(Silly me accidently got my finger stuck on to the melted glue and the pan was hot. Not fun!)
  • Place the pan to the side to cool.
  • If you wish to remove the label of the eyeshaow, place the orginal casing with the label on to the greaseproof paper on to the straightener. The glue will melt slightly and it will peel off quite easily. Stick the label on the back of the pan.
  • If you don't have small magnetics like me and just have a roll of magnet tape, cut enough off to secure the pan. Remove the little label to reveal the sticky part and stick to pan.
  • Place in palette!


Hey presto! -It's done!

Note: MAC's mineralise eyeshadow's do not fit in Z palette. It's not deep enough. Silly me didn't think to check it and I even depotted this any everything! poo!

mineralize shadows don't fit.....silly me had to learn it the hard way.... (magnet underneath to hold to palette)

Remember to keep your containers....you can bring them back to MAC shop or send them, every 6 items that you bring back you get a free lipstick....

Keep them for Back to MAC. I got 12 MAC containers now
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