06 January 2012

Watch my lips, (because I love the lip gloss I'm wearing!)

I wasn't a huge fan of wearing products on my lips. (Not one's with colour anyway) until the last year.

Was a huge fan of Vaseline. I honestly have too many of those tins from the Vaseline brand and from superdrug. (Pink and Green tin) this also inculdes carmex and lip chap.


Progressing on to coloured lip balm and clear lip glosses. A Maybeline lip gloss in clear was one that I reached for out of any lip gloss in the shop.

Next stage: nude colour lipsticks with a slight shimmer.

Top: Dior Addict 260 Rose Deshabille
Smashbox "candle", MAC's Dazzle lip tick "smash hit", MAC's "pet me please", MAC's "quiet please",
MAC's "politey pink", MAC's "Creme d'Nude", MAC's "lustering", MAC's "Viva Glam, Lady Gaga"

Shimmery lipsticks/glosses were a great way of merging me in to the land of lip colours.

Now I can wear lip colours that stand out that I'm not ashamed of wearing, or that I can touch up with confidence.

MAC's "Creme d'Nude", MAC's "lustering", MAC's "Viva Glam, Lady Gaga", MAC's "I love winter", MAC's "Amorous"

I think I've become obsessed with lip products now. I infact have a little drawer in my little make up storage container labelled "lips". Where as before a couple of lip products kept blushes, bronzes and face powders company in my "face" drawer. Now there is enough lippy products that they deserve a whole drawer of their own! Lip sticks, glosses, balms, stains, Vaselines, pencils and lip prep +prime all have made it in to this little drawer.

Lip Pencils

In my little container
All products in container

I never thought I'd make up so many lip products. Ah sure does anyone ever think they would acummulate as much as they have? Now not all these products are one's that I absolutely love but there are some do that some more loving than others.

I think I might now have a problem......
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