31 January 2012

Suffering with a dry nose from a nasty cold....

I'm just getting over a cold.

And boy, has my skin been worn out. Especially my nose. Blowing my nose at least every 20 minutes (and sniffing in between) has made the skin around my nose RAW.

We all get it from time to time. Colds. Sudafeds, nasal sprays and Lemsips just couldn't stop it.

So what did I use to help with my crackly, dried up nose?


yes, I've too many tins of the stuff!

24 hours of rubbing my nose in the stuff healed it! I opted to use the Aloe Vera Vaseline or my superdrug knock off "the little green tin". I had a right aul shiny nose yes, but it was so worth it! I dolloped the stuff on at night and I keep rubbing a little on to keep the skin around it soothed.

Vaseline is great when you have dry lips or dry skin anywhere.
I remember back in school almost every girl carried a tin of vaseline in their pocket to keep your lips smooth. The tin I remember used to retail at one stage for 99c, but I think it may have gone up to €1.45

Oh do you remember the old packing we used to have? I'm sure there's a few tubs kicking about in a pound shop or two.
Image source
Could you imagine bringing THAT tub around in your handbag?


I noticed in 2011 the new packaging for Vaseline which looks a little bit more prettier:

Image source
 If you click image source underneath the image it will bring you to a web site which shows 10 ways to use Vaseline.

Go on...have a click....

I dare ya!
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